Johnny Depp Weight Loss Photos And New Details About Why He's So Skinny

Is it just preparation for a new film — or something worse?

Johnny Depp Weight Loss Photos And New Details About Why He's So Skinny getty

While movie fans are used to actors and actresses taking part in “method acting,” has Johnny Depp gotten a little too into his upcoming roles? He’s always been thin, but are these recent Johnny Depp weight loss photos cause for concern?  

After a new photo of the star looking frail and scary-skinny surfaced, fans expressed fear that Depp is looking a little too gaunt and skinny. Here's the photo, taken in Russia last week with his band, Hollywood Vampires, in which Depp posed with a fan.


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It’s no wonder fans are so worried. In the photo, Depp looks strangely thin and pale, sparking rumors he’s sick. But what could he be sick from? Though many have speculated he's ill, could it just be that he lost weight? Is he prepping for a new role? Is it a result of his personal stress? Is it just a bad angle?


In another photo with a fan, it’s clear it’s not just the angle. But some have even speculated that because Depp isn’t wearing his signature “guyliner,” it’s making him appear frailer than usual.

To be fair, foregoing makeup does have a tendency to leave people looking a little pale and tired. But a few days later while visiting the State Museum of Mayakovsky in Moscow, he was photographed again, proving that pictures can be a bit deceiving.


In fact, one fan took to Twitter to explain how Depp appeared during a concert in Hamburg, Germany:

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So if Depp isn’t ill, has he lost weight for upcoming roles? His next film, City of Lies, is coming out September 7 and he has a second film, The Crimes of Grindelwald, out November 16. Could either of these roles have required Depp to drop some lbs?

This isn’t the first time Depp has undergone a massive change for film. Some may remember his crazy transformation for the movie Transcendence, which came out in 2014. In the film, Depp was bald and ridiculously thin.

But perhaps his weight loss isn’t for a film at all. After a tumultuous past few years — with his divorce from Amber Heard, as well as legal issues — his stress might finally be catching up with him.

He not only lost a divorce settlement to Heard, but was in the public eye after she accused him of domestic abuse. She received a $7 million settlement, which she donated to charity.


Depp is also at the center of legal battles with his former business managers, who allegedly mishandled almost $40 million of Depp’s money. Two former bodyguards are also suing him for unpaid wages. While that’s what lawyers are for, Depp is only human, so losing weight from stress doesn’t seem too far fetched.


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No matter the reason for these Johnny Depp weight loss photos, it’s clear that he’s happy doing what he loves most: playing music, acting, and living his best possible life.

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