The Kind Of Gift You Secretly Crave Most, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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Myers-Briggs types

The Myers-Briggs personality test is one of the most famous modules around. To identify your personality, you fill out a long questionnaire. The questionnaire seeks to identify which of your personality traits are the strongest, and how they combine to impact how you relate to people and the world at large.

The test focuses on four areas: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Ideally, once you've identified your Myers-Briggs personality type, and maybe learn about the other Myers-Briggs types, you can solve all sorts of problems in your life from big to small. 

Some people use the test to help them figure out the best way to get ahead at the office. Other people use the test to help them simply get a better sense of who they are as individual. Other people take the test in the hopes of gaining insights into how they relate to other people and how they can bring what they learn into their own relationships.

But the things that people use the test for don't always have to be serious and major. In fact, once you know your personality type, you can definitely use it to find out what kind of present is just perfect for you. 

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If you want to know how your Myers-Briggs personality type reveals what kinds of presents you would love to receive any day of the week, we've got you covered. What you see might surprise you, but this information was gathered in a survey of more than 1,000 people — they can't all be wrong! Go ahead, you know you wanna take a peek....

ENJF: "The Inspiring Leader

If you're an ENJF, when it comes to buying the perfect gift, your friends and loved ones know that arts and entertainment is the way to go. Be it a visit to your favorite museum or tickets to go see a band you've always wanted to hear live, you'll be absolutely ecstatic with this kind of present. And who can blame you?

Can't make the trip to take them to a show? Try buying them this book about the work of Led Zeppelin! 

ENFP: "The Free Spirit"

What do you get the personality type that thinks things are nice, but doesn't really care about them? Easy — you take them out for a dining experience they won't soon forget. You don't know a 5-star meal (though you'll take one gladly), but anything that involves joining one another in community and breaking bread is right up your alley.

Want to help remind them of the finer things? Try this guide to superb dining service by the Culinary Institute of America.

ENTJ: "The Bold Leader"

What do you get for that one friend you can always count on to get to the movies early, get everyone seats, and do research to find out which part of the movie is the best to pee during? Why, you get them some hip tech to help them stay even more on their game.

Not sure which technology to gift them? Maybe try a smartwatch, perhaps?

ENTP: "The Skilled Debater"

Your heart melts, just not at the same stuff that makes everyone else's knees go weak. When it comes to buying a gift for an ENTP, you can't go wrong looking up the classical music concerts or jazz ensembles playing in your neighborhood.

Or hook them up with a collection of the hits. It makes them feel so intellectually stimulated, and who wouldn't want that? 

ESJF: "The Caring Helper"

You go out of your way to take care all of the people in your life and doing so makes you feel so good you don't even really notice when you're going out of your way! A gift for you would be a perfect home-cooked meal. It's even better if you get to sip wine and peel carrots and chat while the cooking is happening.

You like to feel useful, so why not start with a vegan meal for two?

ESFP: "The Spunky Entertainer"

Looking for a gift that's totally going to blow your socks off? You and I both probably already know what I'm going to say: head to the airport! Any ESFP will tell you if you're looking to endear yourself, surprise them with a quick getaway to someplace like Las Vegas!

Make sure they are comfy on the plane with this pillow!

ESTJ: "The Expert Manager"

You love a good drink, and you love talking about what makes a good drink almost more than you enjoying drinking one yourself. That's why the best gift for you is a mixology class or guide. It's the perfect mixture and you'll get great ideas for the next party you host. 

When you gift a mixology class or guide, you'll have more knowledge, and more booze. 

ESTP: "The Perceptive Engineer"

You love making connections and building your empire, which is awesome, but it doesn't exactly leave you with a lot of time to do stuff like actually take care of yourself (for once).

The perfect gift for you is a pedometer. Being able to keep a record of your exercise, your sleep and your heart rate is a gift that is as critical as it is thoughtful. 

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INFJ: "The Quiet Idealist"

It's tough out there for you quiet idealist types! You spend so much of your time trying to focus on the causes that matter to you and filtering out all the extra noise. That's why the best gift for you is a weekend getaway to your own private island. I'd say a week, but you'd start to feel guilty after three days anyway and we both know it.

Can't get away? This zen garden will help you be transported.

INFP: "The Poetic Peacekeeper"

You are the definition of a bookworm and it is absolutely awesome. When it comes to buying you gifts, most people already know the secret: Books, books, books, and more books! And maybe gift cards to buy books, too.

Not sure what they like? Rest assured: everybody loves Keats

INTJ: "The Strategic Planner"

You dream of traveling the world but your calendar is full to bursting and you need to keep all your plates spinning or else you'll come tumbling down. The dream gift for you? All of the tools required to plan the trip of your OWN dreams. You'd never let someone else plan it — that's half the fun, after all! 

So, start with a book that will help on your journey.

INTP: "The Thirsty Inventor"

You spend so much time fiddling around and drafting up new schemes for your latest innovation that's going to take the world by storm that sometimes you forget that in order to keep creating, you need to stay inspired.

The perfect gift to you is a subscription to a lofty literary or cultural magazine — or both! 

ISFJ: "The Dedicated Protector"

When it comes to your friends and your loved ones, you are more than willing to go the extra mile. They might not always have their guard up, but you do, so they don't have to! To you, the best gift would be a night off.

The next time your friends offer to treat you to a dinner at that nice French restaurant you've always wanted to try, let them. And when they treat you to an aromatherapy diffuser, accept that too! 

ISFP: "The Creative Explorer"

The world seems to always be nudging you, demanding you to take time off from your responsibilities and go and explore it. While you can't do this all the time, a gift is a great chance to do just that on a micro-scale.

Your perfect gift? Learning how to make sushi with a professional sushi chef. 

ISTJ: "The Reliable Logician"

Everyone knows that you can be depended on to manage even the most complicated events. That's a huge part of why you're so good at your job. To you, the idea of planning a vacation for yourself just seems like more work.

That's why the perfect gift for you is a stay-cation, complete with SAD lamp.

ISTP: "The Skill Master"

You spend the better part of most days trying to learn everything you possibly can. You dream of being that person who can help anyone out of any jam at all. That's why a fancy dinner where you can watch the chef prepare your meal is a great gift for you.

You'll even learn a thing or two about your knife skills with the fancy blades purchased to help you remember the event! 

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