Who Is Brigitte Nielson's Baby Daddy? New Details On Mattia Dessi

She's pregnant at 54!

Who Is Brigitte Nielson's Baby Daddy? Instagram

Who Is Brigitte Nielson's baby daddy? 54-year-old Danish actress Brigitte Nielson is pregnant with her fifth child, the first with her husband since 2006 Mattia Dessi. She was previously married to Kasper Winding, Sylvester Stallone, Sebastian Copeland and Raoul Meyer. She has four other children with Winding and ex-fiance Mark Gastineau and Raoul Meyer.  

Nielsen “is pretty excited,” her longtime friend and manager, Luigi Balduini told People at the time. “She is like a little child. She is pretty happy.”


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Nielson has also spoken about having more children in August 2008. "The children have kept me going. After I do Playboy, we want to try IVF. It’s asking a lot, but if it’s possible, it would make our package complete,” Nielsen told Hello! magazine.

Here is what else we know about Mattia Dessi:

1. Dessi met Nielson on Strange Love.

 Nielson was originally on the show Strange Love which documented her relationship with rapper Flavor Flav. The series ended with Nielson leaving the relationship to be with Dessi. The two originally met when he was working as a waiter in her hotel in Lugano, Switzerland. 


2. Nielson has been public about her sex life with Dessi.

Nielson talked openly about how the pair had sex on the couch not too long after meeting. "He was sitting in front of me and I thought, ‘Oh my God: he’s so pretty’ The eyes, his smile. But he looks like a boy. He was 25 years old and I was 40. Then we made an appointment in his apartment and we did everything, immediately, all night," Nielson said. "Everything, everything, it was so wonderful and he was so sweet, but I always thought, 'he’s too young and now we’re twelve years together and old age has nothing to do with it. No one ever loved me as much as Mattia, it’s so honest, because he does not love Brigitte Nielsen, he loves Gitte, I’m so happy, I could cry.”

When asked if he minded that she was so public about it, he didn't seem to mind too much. "Well, if one person is allowed to talk about sex, it’s Brigitte,” Dessi said.


3. Mattia's marriage to Brigitte wasn't legal at first.

The couple got married on February 21, 2005,in the Dominican Republic making Dessi the fifth husband of Nielson. The nuptials weren't legal because the Rocky actress had not yet finalized her divorce from her fourth husband, Raoul Meyer. The couple had an official and legal ceremony in July 2006 in Malta, Italy. 

4. Mattia and Brigitte both say their age difference doesn't affect them. 

In fact, Nielson talks about how Dessi is more mature than her even though he's 15 years younger. "I still believe in marriage and I have believed in all my marriages, although maybe not the one with Sylvester Stallone as I was really pressured to marry him. My current husband, Mattia Dessi, is 15 years younger than me and I’m really happy now..."


"...He’s probably more mature than me mentally but physically we’re not the same and I do wonder if he will love me when I am 60 and he is 45." Dessi added, “Today, the relationships between mature women and young men are very frequent and the important thing is that there is an understanding of interests and they are good with each other.” 

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5. Matti helps Brigitte stay sober.

Nielson was on VH1's Celebrity Rehab to try and deal with her alcohol addiction. She became open with her struggles and how Mattia has helped her remain sober. "God has sent it to me, I stop stirring a drop of alcohol. Unfortunately, I smoke three cigarettes a day, which is why Mattia reprimands me a lot.”


In her biography “In Life, Nothing Is Given to You,” Nielsen wrote, “Through Mattia’s love, I’m stronger today than ever before and I’m finally looking forward to the future. A future that certainly still has a lot of great things in store for me!”

6. He is a producer.

The Italian born producer was involved with Strange Love (2005), Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008) and Gitte Talks (2015).


7. Brigitte announced the pregnancy on Instagram.

“Family getting larger #me #family #brigittenielsen #babybump,” Nielsen captioned a photo on Wednesday that revealed her baby bump at 54.. She also shared another bump picture for her followers, writing, “Happy time positive vibes.”

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