7 Bad Habits Nearly Everyone Does That Drain Your Energy & 7 Healthy Ones To Keep You Energized All Day Long

Some of these may surprise you.

bad habits that drain energy, healthy habits for energy

We all have bad habits that we just can’t break. Unfortunately, some of those habits actually drain our energy and end us making us feel tired all day long. It seems as if bad habits are the ones that are the hardest to break, but they are also the ones we need to stop ASAP.

Some of us are comfortable in our daily routines and more often than not, that usually consists of some of the bad habits that we just can’t kick. We like our routines and getting those bad habits out of our lives jeopardizes our day-to-day life. Here's the thing — you're better off without those unhealthy habits you subconsciously crave on a daily basis.


The only way to stop those bad habits is to become aware of them, identify the issues, and break them. 

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Yes, working on fixing our bad habits sounds hard and some of us don’t even notice how they're negatively impacting us but we need to look out for ourselves and become aware of the everyday things we are doing and how they affect us and our health. This is SO SO SO important because we all should be taking care of ourselves and treating our bodies right!


The hardest thing about fixing bad habits is realizing what bad habits you have. You really have to take the time to realize that those things that seem so small are really the things that are draining our energy the MOST.

These habits often feel completely normal and seem to have no obvious consequences but are actually low-key taking away your energy. Instead of focusing solely on ridding our lives of bad habits, it's important to replace those habits with healthy ones that energize you.

Below are 7 bad habits that are actually draining your energy and 7 healthy habits we can replace them with to keep us energized throughout the day.

Bad Habits

1. Constantly checking social media.

We need to get off our phones and computers in order to see the life that is happening around us. When you're only honed into the lives of others via Instagram or Twitter you can really miss out on your own life. Focus on what's happening in your actual life rather than what's happening on a screen and you'll feel more connected to yourself and others. 


2. Taking things personally

If you tend to take everything personally you won't have any energy left over to enjoy yourself. Stop letting things impact you personally because you'll end up stressing yourself out and feeling drained in the long run.

3. Trying to please others.

Sometimes we become so consumed with trying to please everyone around us that we forget to do what makes us happy. Loving others s important, but you must always remember to make time for self-love, too. The most important relationship you'll ever have is with yourself.

4. Gossiping.

Admit it, you love a good gossip fest. But have you ever realized how draining gossiping can be? It's easy to become consumed in gossip about other people and start to become more invested in somebody else's life. Instead, focus on your own issues and accomplishments so that you are not putting your energy into someone else's indirectly.

5. Having a poor diet

Eating poorly results in losing energy. It's that simple. If we eat healthier, we'd gain more energy every day!


6. Holding onto the past.

We should be living in the moment, not the past. If you continue to put your thoughts, time, and energy into what used to be, you lose sight of what is and what could be. Forget about what happened or what could have been. It's time to focus on the now.

7. Complaining.

When we complain, we focus on the bad that's happening rather than the good, which is never beneficial. Complaining is a waste of energy and takes away from your happiness, even if you aren't aware of it.

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Healthy Habits to pick up.

1. Put the phone down for an hour.

Put your phone and computer away for at least an hour a day to enjoy life and the people around us. Nothing is more energizing than a good laugh with the people you love.


2. Make stress management a priority.

This one may be a little obvious, but stress is something that can easily drain our energy every day. Take control of your stress and manage it. Make that a priority so that your valuable energy can be spent on something bigger and beter than stress.

3. Don't self-diagnose.

We all Google some symptoms from time to time, but self-diagnosing from the internet creates unnecessary stress. Just avoid it at all costs. If you are sick, see a doctor and if your mental health needs some work, invest in a therapist. Your energy is better spent on professionals.

4. Exercise more.

Working up the energy to exercise may seem tough, but you actually gain more energy afterward. If you truly struggle with mornings, force yourself to wake up a little earlier and hit the gym. It sounds counter-productive but exercising actually boosts your energy and is an easy way to kickstart your day. Even if you choose to workout during the day or at night, it's a good way to use your energy and become energized at the same time.

5. Sleep more.

We should all get 8 hours of sleep a night. It's a good way to re-energize yourself for the day and can actually make you happier. Not getting enough sleep is a one-way ticket to being tired all the time.


6. Count to 10 when you're angry.

When you're angy you don't think clearly and can say or do things you'll regret later on. Before reacting, count to 10. Those 10 seconds can give you a little more clarity on the issue at hand so you can better handle the situation.

7. Listen to your body.

Don't neglect your body — listen to it. Those pains and aches and gut feelings are your body's way of communicating what you need. Your body knows what's best for you and it's best to take notice when it's telling you something. Don't ignore your body's check engine light!

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