The Disturbing Story Of Felicia Elliott — The 8-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped, Raped And Held Captive In A Barrel

She was eventually murdered.

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The Randolph County Sheriff's Deputy received a call around 1:15 a.m. on July 30, 1998. 

"There was hollering going on," the caller allegedly reported. Hollering was coming from Carl and Lisa Elliott's home in Dalton, Arkansas. 

A sheriff showed up that night to check on the Elliotts and their two children, Felicia, 8, and Gregory, 7. But a massive storm kept him from going inside the house, where he thought that nothing unusual was going on. 


The next morning, Lisa's stepmother went to the home and tried to go inside, but something was blocking the door. She soon discovered that the heavy object blocking the door was her sister's body. 

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A medical examiner determined that Lisa had been hit in the head with a blunt object 27 times and died after a tire iron was plunged into her throat. 

Police also found the body of Gregory inside the home. He was held down and had the pointed end of a tire iron tool plunged into his throat multiple time and suffered a single blow to the head that crushed his skull. 


Two days later, Carl's body was found in a nearby river. He had been shot in the back of the head. 

Felicia, however, was missing. And she stayed missing for two years. 

Felicia's remains were eventually found in a dry creek bed by an anonymous hunter. Thankfully, this was not a murder that would go unsolved for good. Police learned that Charles "Chad" Wayne Green and his father Billy Dale Green wrapped the girl up in a blanket and kidnapped her. 

Chad was a known pedophile, and he kept Felicia bound in a barrel for two days. The temperatures outside sometimes reaching 100 degrees. 

After he repeatedly raped her, Billy reportedly told his son that "the fun had to end" and he took Felicia to a creek and killed her. Police believe Billy may have also raped her. 


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In 2003, five years after the murders, police arrested the father and son in connection with the killings. They were both convicted in 2004. Billy was given the death penalty and Chad got 40 years after he agreed to testify against his father. 

But the trial and the case were far from finished.

Chad violated his deal in 2006 when Billy's sentence was overturned due to improper testimony. He was then sentenced to four life terms in prison, 40 years for the kidnapping and 56 years for raping two young girls in an unrelated case.


In a 2012 retrial, Billy was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences and 40 years for the kidnapping. Sadly, the killers never revealed a motive for the gruesome murders, though it has long been discussed and theorized. 

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Originally, it was believed that Carl Elliott stole marijuana plants from the father and son that were valued at around $10,000. Friends and family members of the late Elliott family admitted Carl made methamphetamine deals with Billy and Chad Green.

During the trial, a friend of Lisa's testified that two months before the massacre, Lisa asked to borrow $10,000 for a debt they owed to the Greens. 


However, a jailhouse informant revealed that Chad had previously molested Felicia. When Lisa learned about this, she threatened to go to the police. 

Phillip Daren Shockey said Billy confessed to him the real reason for the murders. 


"He told me Chad had been messing with the 8-year-old. He said she told her daddy, and he was going to tell the sheriff. He said the last thing Felicia said to him was 'Please don't hurt me.'"

Both men are still in prison. 

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