Who Is Ali Fedotowsky’s Husband? New Details About Kevin Manno

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If you’ve been a Bachelor fan since its inception, you might remember Ali Fedotowsky from the season that featured Jake Pavelka. Though Fedotowsky eliminated herself from that season due to work-related issues, she was the sixth Bachelorette, ultimately choosing Roberto Martinez.

The two broke up less than one year later but since then, she found love once again with entertainment host Kevin Manno. But what do we know about her hubby? Just who is Ali Fedotowsky’s husband? Here are 7 things you may not know about him and their relationship.

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1. He’s a television and radio show host.

Before moving to New York City, Manno got his start in a radio career based out of Chicago. He was also host of the now defunct Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, which starred Abby Miller of Dance Moms.

2. He’s an Emmy winner.

No, he didn’t star in his own television show, but he did win a 2011-2012 Daytime Emmy Award for his part in a MiO commercial. He won for the Outstanding Commercial category.

3. He’s been married before.


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Believe it or not, Fedotowsky isn’t his first wife. He and his ex-wife Kris Mathis got married in 2011, but separated in 2012. They had no children.

4. The two were friends before they started dating.

Fedotowsky and Manno had a previous professional working relationship. A producer from Fedotowsky’s travel show, 1st Look, introduced them. But they started out as friends. “We just met and we became friends. We've been friends for a long time and then one thing led to the next,” Manno said.

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5. The two married in an oceanside wedding.


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Fedotowsky and Manno married in March 2017, putting even the most luxurious of weddings to shame. They chose the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palo Verdes as their venue and turned the big day into an entire weekend celebration. And the cutest part? The couple’s beloved dog, Owen, was a major part of the ceremony, with Manno’s parents walking down the aisle with him.

6. The couple have one daughter.


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Daughter Molly was born in July 2016, eight months before the couple married. The now-toddler has been featured in Home & Family, a show that Fedotowsky co-hosted.

7. But they’re expecting a second!

In November 2017, the couple announced on Instagram that they were expanding their family by one more. They revealed the gender in a YouTube video, ultimately discovering that they're pregnant with a boy.

Fedotowsky is due in May, so there’s no telling when we can expect the new baby — any day now!

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