12 Out-Of-The-Box Date Ideas For Couples Who've Been Together Forever

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12 Out-Of-The-Box Date Ideas For Couples Who've Been Together Forever

Take date night to the next level!

Have you and your significant other been together for what feels like forever? Do you both feel like as more time passes, the more boring your relationship has become? Maybe it's because you're not dedicating enough time to spending quality time together!

Dating is crucial to maintaining a steady relationship because it allows you to spend quality time with your partner and show each other appreciation by taking a short break from your day to day schedule and just be together. But it seems like the longer you're in a relationship, the fewer dates you go on. People who are in long-term relationships sometimes take each other for granted and don't feel the need to create special, romantic moments — and that's when the relationship starts to crumble. Or maybe you simply just feel like you've already done it all.

Take time to show your partner that you appreciate, respect, and take your relationship seriously. 

Date planning shouldn't be complicated, it should be fun! A dinner at a fancy restaurant is always nice, but there are so many other things you can do. 

Try something different, out of the box, and share a new experience together.

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1. Dollar Store Date.

The rules of this date are pretty simple. You create a small budget of at least $10 dollars each, and then you set up a certain amount of time for you each to run around the store separately in search of quirky fun little gifts that remind you of each other. You can even try to find things to create a date around. When the times up, you reveal each item one at a time and explain why you chose that item for your partner. It's a cute idea and budget friendly!

2. Triple Dining Experience.

Take your traditional dinner date to the next level! For this date you start by making a list of all the different restaurants in your area that you love or have been dying to try. Then you each take turns randomly choosing 3 of the restaurants. Then you decide which restaurant will be your appetizer, main course, and dessert. Doing this allows you to try multiple places/foods in one night, and it makes the date more interesting! 

3. Farmer's Market Fun.

This date requires creativity and an empty stomach! You and your boo can visit your local farmer’s market and each choose different types of food you find around the market. Then create a meal from whatever food items you picked up! 

4. Stay-cation.

This date can be pretty affordable depending on your choices. You and your partner can look up a cheap local hotel to stay at for a night or the weekend depending on your availability. Then simply enjoy all the benefits the hotel has to offer! Room service, hot tubs, breakfast in bed, and zero responsibilities!

5. DIY Wine Tasting.

Who doesn't love wine? For this date you'll need to visit your local store and pick up 4 to 5 different types of wine. You can take turns choosing the wines, and and can get a variation of types to try. Then pick an appetizer (cheese is always good with wine!) and then set up a wine tasting at home. 

6. Animal Shelter Love.

This date is not only fun but for a good cause! Spend a few hours volunteering at your local animal shelter. You can play and cuddle with all types of dogs and cats and maybe help them find a forever home. You and bae get quality time together, and help some furry friends!

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7. Spontaneous Road Trip.

For this date you'll need a car, full tank of gas, and snacks! Set up a certain amount of hours you'll be available to be out and pick a random direction to go in and start driving! Start driving until you’ve reached 1/3 of the time you decided on. For example for a 3 hour date, drive for about 1 hour. Then spend 1/3 of your date at that location you end up at, and then spend 1/3 driving home. To make the trip extra special create a car ride mix for the road filled with your favorite songs to blast loudly along the way!

8. Learn A New Skill.

Nowadays there's classes for everything. Look up local classes in your area and find something that you both would find interesting and would want to try. There's cooking, painting, photography, pottery, yoga, even make your own chocolate. The possibilities are endless! You guys get to learn a new skill, and spend quality time as a couple.

9. Bookstore Hunt.

If you both love books then this is the perfect date for you! Find any bookstore in your area — second hand, Barnes and Noble, doesn't matter — and separate for at least an hour and find a book or books that interest you. After your hour is up, come back together, get some coffee and share with each other what books you found, why you chose them, and what you found the most interesting. You might even learn something new about each other!

10. Escape Room Escapades.

This date requires some critical thinking and partnership. Escape Rooms are an adrenaline-filled date that makes you put your problem-solving skills to the test. It will also help you build your communication skills as a couple and maybe even a little flirty competition. 

11. Haunted Tour.

If you're fans of horror, then a haunted tour will excite and scare the crap out of you! Most cities have some kind of ghost tour or haunted house so just check in your local area. The perks of this date is getting scared usually brings people closer together, so snuggle up close to your partner!

12. Movie Themed Dinner.

This is a cute little twist on a typical dinner at home evening. For this date it only take a little bit of planning. You and your partner should pick a movie and then base your dinner off your choice. To make it more interesting try to cook something that starts with the first initial of the movie title. For example you can cook spaghetti and watch Star Wars, or make tacos and watch Titanic, you get the picture!

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