Why Losing Your Best Friend Is Worse Than Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend

It's a different kind of heartbreak.

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We all love our best friends and our boyfriends, but when you compare the pain of losing one or the other, losing your best friend hurts way more.

She’s your favorite person. She’s the person who'll let you cry on her shoulder. She’s the one you tell things to that you just CAN’T tell your boyfriend about. Replacing her can be one of the toughest things on this planet. And really, there’s nobody who can actually replace her. She’s one in a million and when she's gone she will leave this void that nobody, not even your boyfriend, can replace.


There are so many reasons why we lose our best friends. Maybe a tragic accident happened where they’re just gone. Maybe a huge problem came between you that was never solved. Maybe it was all miscommunication. Or maybe you really don’t know why she’s gone but she is and you’re stuck feeling hurt, rejected, and empty.

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Honestly, losing your best friend is harder to recover from than losing a boyfriend. Finding someone who has so much in common with you and who you’d drop ANYTHING for is hard because it all begins with trust. Yes, the same thing goes for a boyfriend but boys are easier to come across than a true best friend. It's just a different type of bond.

In order to have a really good friendship, you both need to be able to be honest and real with each other. So many things can easily go wrong in a friendship but by being truthful and real about everything, you are able to form a strong bond.

Losing your best friend is a different kind of heartbreak than losing your boyfriend. Your heart aches more even if you weren’t the reason the friendship ended in the first place, especially if you want the best for them. Even if they wronged you, you remember all of the good times and just want them to be happy, despite anything they've done.

When something good or bad happens, you’re tempted to pick up the phone and call or text them because they were the first person you went to with any type of news. You shared your life with them and when they become such a large part of your life and then suddenly leave, it truly hurts. It’s like they leave this huge hole in your life. You were her #1 fan when it came to EVERYTHING; you always supported her, and you always wanted the best for her.


When someone you cared about THAT much leaves, it's not easy to move on. In fact, there may be some part of you that will never get over it and that’s okay.

Best friends are supposed to be forever, but that isn’t always the case. 

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Sometimes it’s completely out of your control and sometimes you want to fix it but don’t know how. It’ll never be easy losing that person, but it WILL be okay. One day you’ll be okay enough to go back out there and meet new people and even though you may never be as close to someone again, you’ll still have the opportunity to meet new people and make memories with them.

Losing your best friend is one of the toughest things that can happen in your life but everything happens for a reason. Think of lost friendships fondly for they help you get through stages of your life. Sure, it's sad that it sometimes has to end, but that doesn't make the experience not worthwhile while it lasted. 


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