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How Each Zodiac Sign Is Addicted To Relationships, According To Astrology

The Zodiac Signs Who Are Addicted To Relationships

Some of us know how to balance friends and boyfriends good enough so there are no conflicts. Some zodiac signs are just too addicted to relationships rather than friendships.

Do you put your new boyfriend before your best friend? Do you LOVE being single? Have you found a good balance between your boyfriend and best friend?

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The beginning of a new relationship can be time-consuming since you’re still getting comfortable with your new boo and getting to know him. When does it become TOO much, like when you’re just addicted to your relationship?

Your best girlfriends KNOW the difference between the beginning of the relationship and becoming addicted to the relationship. We all have that one relationship where we invest ourselves a little more into and our girlfriends notice. It's not bad because it does happen to a lot of zodiac signs, but your girls might just be a little worried about you, don't get upset with them about it! This just shows how much they truly do care about you.

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These are the girls who tend to be more dependent in their relationship. This isn’t really a bad thing, BUT if you’re constantly ditching your girlfriends for your boyfriend they might eventually get sick of it. They understand that you want to spend some one on one time with your boo, but it can become so easy to cross that line!

You have to make sure to make some time for your friend too, yea your boyfriend can be your best friend but there are just some things you only tell your girlfriends. You can definitely get in enough time for your boo and your girls, it's just all about time management! 

Some of us girls just tend to prefer to be alone, it’s NOT a big deal or anything. When these girls to get into a new relationship, they are more independent in that relationship. These girls know how to balance their friends and relationships pretty well … or they make their friends their top priority.

It's good to be able to spend bonding time with your boo and your girls, just know when it becomes too much to the point where one or the other begins to feel like they are drifting away from you.

Does your zodiac sign get addicted to relationships? Or do people with your same horoscope prefer to stay single? Keep reading to find out which type of girl you are, according to astrology, by zodiac sign.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

These girls can get addicted to their relationships EASILY. Whenever they get into a new relationship, they take the time and effort to be with their partner constantly. She’s so passionate about her relationship, which isn’t a bad thing BUT you gotta make time for your girlfriends too! Sometimes they can get too wrapped up in their determination to make their relationship with their new boo work.

Even though she takes much of her time to make the relationship work, she doesn’t become dependent on her boo. She likes to take charge in the relationship and is EXTREMELY independent. She does make some time for her girlfriends, but it’s noticeably less time then she spends with her new boo.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

A Taurus can get caught up at the beginning of a new relationship, but still tries her best to make time for girlfriends. Even though she may not be around as much as she used to, her girlfriends know they can ALWAYS rely on her when they need her. She definitely gets addicted to new relationships, but she does TRY to balance her relationship and her friendships. Sometimes this doesn’t always show and her girlfriends may get upset over this, but she’s definitely trying her best.

She’s not very dependent on her boo in the relationship. There definitely ARE times where it seems as if she’s dependent on her boo, but she can be very independent at the same time. She's not one to expect her boo to make all the decisions.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

There’s nothing a Gemini hates more than being alone! These girls invest their time in relationships to make sure it’s going to last. A Gemini becomes addicted to their new boo whenever they get into a new relationship. They are classic love addicts who just can't be alone and love the feeling they get when they get into new relationships. They also can be VERY dependent in their relationship, they prefer that their new boo takes charge.

She does put her relationship before her girlfriends, once she is in a relationship that becomes her primary focus. She loves her friends, but she loves being in relationships more!

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

It is in her nature to easily become attached to the people around her. A Cancer doesn’t always get into relationships, but when she does it is the only thing on her mind. Once a new boo makes their way into her life, she doesn’t want to let them go! She knows how to balance her relationships and her friendships. She is just as invested in her friendships as she is in her relationships.

A Cancer girl is fiercely independent and doesn’t drop her friends at the sight of a new boy. Even if she DOES become very invested in her relationship, she knows how important it is for her to be just as invested in her friends as well.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

She follows the sisters before misters rule and she ALWAYS will! NO guy can ever change her thoughts about how important friendships are. She likes to be in relationships and LOVES to be admired by her boo. She won’t become dependent on the relationship and she will definitely make that known. She expects to be treated like a queen! Her friends are her top priority over ANY guy and she does make sure her new boo will know that. She also doesn’t mind some alone time every now and then!

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Honestly, a Virgo loves to be single! She just prefers to focus on herself rather than a boy. She likes to invest more of her time into herself and her friends rather than a relationship. Whenever she does get into a relationship, she NEVER lets herself become dependent on her boyfriend. A Virgo girl takes her work and friends VERY seriously and if any boy ever tried to get in between that, she’d kick em to the curb in so fast he wouldn’t get the chance to blink.

Her main priorities are her work and her friends, that is a bond NOBODY can break even if they tried. Anyone who dates a Virgo girl must understand that she WILL put her work and friends first, but that is okay.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

This girl takes her relationships so seriously. A Libra absolutely HATES being alone at all costs! When she gets into a new relationship, she makes sure to put the effort and time in even if that means ditching her girlfriends every now and then. She will do anything to avoid ANY confrontation in her relationship, but this causes her to become super dependent on her boo in the relationship!

A Libra girl LOVES her girlfriends and tries her best to always be there for them. Sometimes being in a new relationship blurs her vision a little bit and may forget about making time for her friends. This girl IS trying her best to manage her friendships and relationship.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

A Scorpio girl prefers to be single and alone all the way. It’s not that she hates being in relationships, she just prefers to save herself the trouble of having to learn to trust a boy who may not be there years from now. Getting into a new relationship is HARD for a Scorpio, especially the beginning part of it. She’ll put her friends before any guy and avoid the hard parts of the relationship as much as possible.

They do become extremely passionate in their relationships, but they just know it’s easier to trust their best friends rather than their boyfriends.  The will never become super dependent on their relationships.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

She’ll be the first one to become addicted to their relationship. EVERY relationship she’s in, she becomes addicted so quickly. A Sagittarius girl always picks her new boo over all of her friends, it’s just in her nature. When she does get into a new relationship, her new boo becomes her TOP priority over anyone or anything! She’s so loving and passionate in her relationship, but she becomes extremely dependent in it too.

They want to do anything and everything to make sure that their new boo won’t leave them. She’ll even put their needs before her own. Be patient with a Sagittarius girl, if she's your best friend she'll come around. Don't become too upset over it or push her away, just talk to her and be patient. She'll realize just how much you miss her.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Being single is preferred by a Capricorn girl. She enjoys staying single and hanging with her best friends. She’s SO independent and takes pride in this. She knows what she wants and she understands that she’ll have to work for it. She takes her friendships seriously … when she DOES get into a relationship, it’s sisters before misters all the way! This girl is the queen of self-control and KNOWS it.

She’s independent and isn’t afraid for her boo to know it. There’s absolutely no chance that she’ll become completely dependent in any relationship!

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be alone! Aquarius just prefers to stay single and alone. For this girl, her friends are ALL she needs. She’s the definition of independent. An Aquarius girl that all she needs to be happy is herself and her friends.

She LOVES all of her friends and they are her priority. There’s no chance that she’ll EVER drop her friends for a boo. When she does get into a relationship, her new boo will just have to deal with this. Her friends are the most important thing in her life and she’ll NEVER do anything to jeopardize that.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

If anyone knows how to perfectly balance their friendships and a new relationship, it’s definitely a Pisces girl! She loves to be in relationships, but she also appreciates being alone. This girl takes pride in developing emotional relationships and friendships. She definitely makes sure to balance both.

This girl is so independent and enjoys spending time with the important people in her life. She cares about everyone in her life and makes sure that they know it. Even though she enjoys being alone, she still LOVES romance and cute dates. You’ll never want to take a Pisces girl for granted … whether it’s as a friend or a girlfriend.