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5 Awkward Details About Blac Chyna And YBN Almighty Jay's Relationship, Including How He Lied About His Age To Get A Date With Her

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5 Relationship Details About Blac Chyna And YBN Almighty Jay's Age Difference And Cheating Rumors

Blac Chyna is certainly not shy when it comes to her relationships. From Tyga to Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna's love life has always been tabloid fodder. The same can be said about her newest relationship with 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay, whose real name is Jay Bradley. 

Paparazzi first spotted the couple back in February 2018 at a bowling alley. At that time, Jay was referred to as the "Mystery Guy" but it wasn't much longer till he was revealed as her new boyfriend. TMZ confirmed rumors that the two were dating when the reality star stated, “We’re, like, dating.”

In its short timespan, Chyna and Jay's relationship has already caused a bit of a stir, mainly because...

1. Chyna is 11 years older than Jay.

The 29-year-old mother of two and the 18-year-old rapper have 11 years between them but that hasn't stopped them from running around town together. Prior to Jay, Chyna was rumored to be with 24-year-old R&B singer Mechie, but the two broke things off last September after a few months of dating (and a sex tape).

Despite their age difference, it seems their relationship is going pretty well, considering Jay proposed to Chyna in a recent Instagram caption.


Will You Marry Me?

A post shared by YBN Almighty Jay (@ybnalmightyjay) on Apr 10, 2018 at 6:49pm PDT

2. They allegedly met on Christian Mingle.

Jay has claimed he used the dating app Christian Mingle to meet Blac Chyna. TMZ caught up with the rapper at a show at the L.A. Convention Center where he confirmed on camera that he did, in fact, meet Chyna on the religion-centered app. "Y'all need to go sign up for Christian Mingle right now," Jay said, adding that users should not disclose their real age on their profile (suggesting he lied about his age to scoop up Chyna).

3. Rob Kardashian doesn't want Jay around he and Chyna's daughter Dream.

Chyna's former flame and baby daddy Rob Kardashian is ready to bring her back to family court after an incident that took place at Six Flags involving Chyna, Jay, and other park guests. Chyna's two children were present, son King Cairo (Tyga's son) and Dream (Rob's daughter). Rob is reportedly angered that Chyna put Dream in harm's way and doesn't approve of bringing Jay around when Dream is in her possession, so he wants to take her to court to set some restrictions into place.

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4. Jay allegedly punched a woman involved in Chyna's Six Flags stroller attack.

A woman who was allegedly a part of the Six Flags altercation is claiming Jay got himself involved in the fight and started hitting her and her sister. It was first reported by the media that on Easter Sunday, Chyna allegedly got into an altercation at Six Flags Magic Mountain after another park guest allegedly tried to touch her daughter Dream and called Chyna a "hood rat." According to the victim in a series of since-deleted tweets, she slapped Chyna, inciting Jay to start hitting her and her sister.

Six Flags reported on the incident stating, "Last evening, a verbal and physical altercation broke out among two visiting groups. Our security department responded immediately and both groups were escorted out of the park… The safety and security of our guests and employees is our top priority and we have zero tolerance for this type of behavior."

The victim of Chyna's stroller rage spoke to TMZ about the incident, claiming she never called Chyna a "hood rat."

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5. Jay might already be cheating on Chyna.

In April 2018, Jay posted a photo on Instagram defending himself against cheating accusations. He wrote that he wasn't going behind Chyna's back to talk to social media star Asian Doll

However, a YouTube user posted a video of screenshots of Jay commenting Doll's Instagram live story during which he asked her to take her clothes off.

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