7 Facts, Details & Interesting Things That Happened Today, April 9th, In Love History

Here's what happened today in history on April 9th for love, marriage, and relationships.

7 Facts, Details & Interesting Things That Happened In History On April 9th unsplash

For all you history buffs, today is April 9th. We still have 8 months, 266 days of the year left to accomplish our 2018 goals.

Yes, Donald J. Trump is still President of the United States, and Mike Pence is the Vice President, but there are lots of other great things happening on this day presently and in the past that prove life works in interesting ways.



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Income taxes for 2017 need to be filed by April 17th, 2018 of this year, so you have 8 days left to get your filing in. Why is it on the 17th of this year? Because April 15th lands on a Sunday and Monday is a holiday. Washington D.C. will be celebrating Emancipation Day. 



For today, here are 7 interesting things that took place today in history on April 9 involving love, marriage and romance:

1. Bill Wyman, the 52-year-old bassist for The Rolling Stones announces that he plans to marry Mandy Smith, 18. 

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Billy Wyman met Mandy when she was 13 years old, and with the consent of her mother, they entered a relationship. Smith admitted to the Daily Mail that they had been intimate with Wyman at the age of 14-years old.


According to some news reports they had discussed the idea of marriage before she had turned 18. He announced their wedding plans in 1989, and they had a traditional marriage just after her 18th birthday. Yes, the bride even wore white. But due to his unfaithfulness, they ended up in divorce court two years later. 

2. ABBA's "Dancing Queen" hit #1 on American Top 40.

In 1977, Casey Kasem (yes, most of you are too young to know who he is) made a big announcement on the radio that ABBA a British band had made their first #1 hit for American audiences for a week. Dancing Queen still remains an American favorite, but no other song by ABBA made the same history. Dancing Queen has sold over 28 million copies.

3. In 2008, Elton John did a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton. 

This event took place in NYC at New York's Radio City Music Hall. He raised $2.5 million dollars with ticket sales at this event. Hillary Clinton with her husband and daughter were on stage to speak to audiences at the benefit. 


4. Famous Americans born on April 9th:

  • Kristen Stewart, actress
  • Hugh Hefner, business person
  • Elle Fanning, actress
  • Marc Jacobs, fashion designer
  • Leighton Meester, actress
  • Gerard Way, actor
  • Cynthia Nixon, actress
  • Dennis Quaid, actor
  • Sam Harris, author
  • Jesse McCarthy, singer-songwriter
  • Joe Scarborough, politician
  • Keisha Knight Pulliam, actress
  • Nigel Slater, food writer
  • Mark Pellegrino, actor

5. Author & Detective writer, Erle Stanley Gardner marries Natalie Talbert.

Gardner was a lawyer and a writer who wrote the Perry Mason books which later took to radio and then television. He was 22 years old when he married Natalie Talbert in 1921. It was after the birth of their first child that he decided to become a writer in order to bring in more income into the family. They later separated. He fell in love with Agnes Jean Bethell, a desk clerk who he then hired as his secretary. They had a secret relationship until they got married in 1968.  He died in 1970.

6. Serial Killer, John Wayne Gacy marries into wealth.

It was his smooth talking ways that would enable him to capture the attention and affection a woman whose family was wealthy due to their restaurant business. He married Marlynn Myers in 1964. He was married to her for almost 10 years, but during their final year of marriage, she divorced him after he was convicted of sodomizing an employee. It was shortly after their divorce that his killing spree began. They had two children together, and thankfully, it was he that decided he'd never be involved in their lives again. 


7. Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti get married. 

Carlo was previously married when he met Sofia Loren. He spotted her while working as a judge for a beauty contest. She was just 15 years old, but according to Sofia, they knew they were meant to be. Without Carlo, perhaps her career wouldn't have been as successful as it was. He had a successful career and was supportive and encouraging. They married in 1966 and remained married until his death in 2007.

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