10 Of The Best Sex Toys On Amazon (For Women, Men & Couples)

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Just like salsa, there are many ways you can add spice to your love life, so it’s worth a try right? If you like to eat, why wouldn’t you want to try different flavors?

Now when it comes to your love life adding spice is way more fun than the literal spice that you would add to salsa, needless to say. The former can involve foreplay, sex toys, role-play etc.

With that being said, have you ever used sex toys? If you have, cool! If not, that’s cool too. It can’t hurt to give them a try.

Before you head to the nearest sex toy shop, hold your horses. If you’ve never made such a purchase before, maybe you'd rather order it online instead? Lucky for you, Amazon has tons of great options that will do the trick.

Here are the 10 best sex toys on Amazon for women, men, and couples. You're welcome.

1. Vibrator Wand 


CNHIDEE Vibrator Massager Wand,

You can't go wrong with this classic vibrator. This cordless wand has 10 different speeds and is easy to maneuver thanks to a bendable neck, so you can target just the right spot. Buy this handy helper here.

2. Vibrating Rabbit Dildo

Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator,

The Rabbit is a favorite of many women because this silicone-covered vibrator has multiple speeds (and by multiple, we mean 30). Yes, you heard that right... 30 different ways to help you get off. Plus, this bad boy is waterproof, so you can enjoy playing with it in the tub, too! Get the Rabbit here.

3. Under-Clothes Wearable Vibrator

Wireless Remote Control Invisible Massager,

Take your self-pleasure to the next level with this remote-controlled wearable vibrator that fits under your jeans. (On-the-go orgasm, anyone?) This toy has 10 different vibration settings to help you experience multiple levels of pleasure. Just take off the knit fabric to wash it after wearing. Oh, and maybe text your boyfriend to let him know you're wearing it so he can fantasize about you. All. Day. Long. Buy it here.

4. Silicone Masturbation Sleeve

CalExotics HonchoMale Masturbator,

You'll go crazy for this silicone sleeve that's intensely ribbed and has three intense suction chambers for added pleasure. Plus, it's stimulating nubbed surface helps give him the realistic sensation of a “blow j”, as Becca from Superbad would call it. Lastly, it’s easily portable. *wink, wink* Get it here.

5. Cock Ring

Horoshop Sex Ring 3-Pack,

Want to know how to make good sex even better? Here's your answer. These rings are guaranteed to increase the quality of your sex life, since they prolong your arousal and keep you from finishing too early. Get one here, and see what it can do for you.

6. Tenga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator (Variety 6-pack),

This pack of six reusable eggs is a fun way for a guy to get off. Each features a different internal structure, so you'll have a unique experience with each one to keep things interesting. They’re one-size-fits-all and also have lube inside each one. Treat yourself to this 6-pack of fun toys here.

7. Bondage Candles

EROKAY Bondage Candles,

These candles will definitely heat things up up the bedroom (literally and figuratively). They burn at 52°, just low enough so you don’t have to worry about being burned. They’ll just leave a hot sensation behind when you drip the wax on your skin. Let the sex games begin! Buy the set here.

8. Role Play Woven Whip

OULII Tassels Role Play Whip,

This leather whip is here to help you have fun in the bedroom, mainly because of its reputation. It’s just like the ones you see in the movies and shows when a couple is feeling kinky. Get this naughty sex prop here.

9. Handcuffs

VIPERTEK Double Lock Steel Police Handcuffs,

These black cuffs come with keys, so you can keep your lover captive as long as you two like. How much begging will she have to do before she's set free? Buy them here.

10. Strawberry Lube

Anjou Water-Based Strawberry Lube,

Indulge yourself and your partner by adding this handy product to your sex arsenal. This water-based lube will have you tasting and smelling delicious! Try it now.

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