New Details About The Texas Superintendent Accused Of Being A Middle School Bully — And How He Reportedly Put Someone In A Coma

Lance Hindt was first called out at a board meeting last month.

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A Texas school superintendent who was accused last month of being a middle school bully reportedly assaulted a man and left him in a coma. 

Lance Hindt, the current superintendent of Katy ISD, beat up a man in 1983 after an alleged road rage incident. William Stein told FOX 26 that he confronted Hindt after he was driving his car too fast down an alley where kids in the neighborhood played. 

That's when the superintendent reportedly assaulted him. 


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Stein said he was left with a dislocated shoulder, three broken ribs, and a fractured skull. The injuries left Stein in a coma for five full days. He also required two brain surgeries. 

“They told my wife there’s a 90 percent chance I wouldn’t come out of that coma,” Stein said. He told reporters that he had been waiting "decades" for someone to call him about the incident. 

According to a deposition, Hindt, who was 18 at the time of the attack, admitted to knocking Stein out and leaving him in an alley.


While the criminal charges were later dropped, the lawsuit resulted in a five-figure settlement against Hindt. He went on to play football for the University of Oklahoma. 

FOX 26 asked Katy ISD trustees if they were aware of the incident. 

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"The 1983 civil case was fully and finally dismissed, after litigation, with no damages or liability.  No criminal charges were ever filed.  Again, as stated in the March 26 Board meeting, the Board fully vetted Dr. Lance Hindt and we continue to stand firmly behind him as our superintendent," said Ashley Vann, President of the KISD Board.


Hindt first came under fire when a man named Greg Barrett publicly accused the superintendent of bullying him to the point of near suicide when they were in middle school together. 

“I started in 1975 with Mr. Lance. My legal name is Greg Gay," Barrett said. "One day at lunch, I had my head shoved in a urinal, where it busted my lip. I had laid on the ground in the fetal position as the kids kicked me…….Lance, you were the one that shoved my head in the urinal.”


Barrett spoke up during a part of the meeting that was an open forum to address current school bullying issues. He said that the bullying he endured from Hindt was so traumatic that he once went home and pulled out his father's gun, with the intent to kill himself. 

He said he told teachers at school, but they never helped him. Hindt nervously laughed at the confrontation and adamantly denied the accusations. 

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