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7 Cringey Details About Jeremy Meeks And Chloe Green’s Relationship, Including Reports They Have A Baby Boy On The Way

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7 Details About Jeremy Meeks And Chloe Green’s Relationship, Cheating Rumors, And Pregnancy

Jeremy Meeks (AKA the ‘Hot Felon’) shot to stardom after California’s Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook in June 2014 — possibly quite literally, considering he was arrested for gun possession.

Since then, he’s served time in prison, landed a modeling contract, divorced his wife of nine years, and started dating TopShop heiress and model Chloe Green who is now reportedly pregnant with Meeks’ baby. Yes, all in a matter of just a few years (almost two of which he spent in prison).

Of course, with any relationship that moves so quickly and especially one born out of internet fame, there come a few suspicious details.

1. Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green started dating while he was married.

In June 2017, photos surfaced of the Hot Felon hooking up with Green aboard a yacht. “Chloe seems quite taken with Jeremy, and who can blame her?,” a source told The Sun at the time. “He’s seen as one of the sexiest guys on the celebrity social circuit and has a story or two to tell about his colorful past.”

That’s all well and good — except for the small fact that Jeremy was still married at the time. “It was very very heartbreaking for me,” estranged wife Melissa Meeks told This Morning in 2017 about seeing photos of Jeremy with Green for the first time, saying she had no idea he was even considering a new relationship with someone else. “I wish I still had my husband to go home to,” she said, claiming then that it was very unlikely that they’d ever reconcile.

2. Jeremy and Chloe were engaged before his divorce was finalized.


Going into 2018 with the ones I love the most .. Happy New Year #2018 #newyear

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In December 2017, Meeks and Green set off engagement rumors when they were spotted shopping in Beverly Hills, Green with a giant rock on her ring finger. While neither one of them have confirmed or denied these rumors, Meeks posted a photo of them on New Year’s Day with Green wearing the same ring.

3. Melissa accused Jeremy of slut-shaming her.

The Meeks’ divorce got ugly when Melissa accused Jeremy of abandoning her and their kids, and then claimed that he and his lawyer were slut-shaming her. According to Hollywood Life, Jeremy allegedly bashed her for undergoing “televised reconstructive surgeries,” to which Melissa and her infamous attorney Lisa Bloom responded, "Jeremy struts around on a catwalk in his underwear and that's ok for our son to see, but my attempts to help shape my public image are wrong?? I would not even have a public image if not for Jeremy's tabloid adventures."

4. Jeremy doesn’t see his kids.


Me and my lil Man @prettybobby10

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Jeremy has one kid of his own with Melissa, and is the stepfather to two of her children from a previous relationship. However, Melissa has said that Jeremy doesn’t spend any time with them. According to TMZ, Melissa claims that Jeremy only sees their son “maybe 2 days a month.”

5. Jeremy doesn’t want to pay child support.

In December 2017, TMZ reported that Melissa and Jeremy were having trouble coming to a child support agreement due to their vastly different opinions on Jeremy’s amount of income. While Melissa claimed Jeremy was making upwards of a million dollars per month, Jeremy responded that he only makes around six thousand.

In March 2018, the two finally settled. Jeremy agreed to pay $1,000 a month in child support and will have custody of their son 30% of the time, according to TMZ.

6. Melissa accused Jeremy of cheating on Chloe.

Once a cheater, always a cheater? That’s what Jeremy’s estranged wife thinks, according to an Instagram post she uploaded in November 2017. “I’ve never been in a better place in my life than I am now,” she captioned the selfie. “My ex husband has already been unfaithful in his new relationship.” She also left the identity of who exactly Jeremy allegedly cheated on Chloe with up to interpretation, adding “With me…” after her statement.

7. Chloe and Jeremy are reportedly pregnant.

News broke in March 2018 that Green is expecting Meeks's baby, though it’s not clear exactly how far along in the pregnancy she is. According to TMZ, the couple began shopping for items for the baby in February 2018, including “several blue items,” which suggest the baby is a boy.

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