Glitter Beer Is A Thing Now — And It's So Pretty!

Cheers to that!

Glitter Beer Is A Thing Now — And It's So Pretty! Jake Rajewsky / Shutterstock

By Aly Walansky

Millennials get a lot of hate, and frankly, I don't get it. Just look at all of the amazing food trends they have given us! —

They reignited our love for avocados, filled our feeds with pictures of mermaid-and unicorn-inspired drinks, and bedazzled our morning coffee. And then, they took beer to a whole new level.

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As Munchies first pointed out, in 2018, breweries across the country were starting to experiment with mesmerizing, glitter-infused beers.

Breweries with glitter beer use edible glitter that is perfectly safe to eat (well, safe to drink), and will look incredible on our social media posts, which is obviously all any of us care about anyway.

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The glitter beer made its debut at breweries like Ska Brewing in Colorado, Three Weavers Brewing Company out in California, and at Bold Missy Brewery in North Carolina, but it seems to have actually been around for a while longer than we might have known about.

In 2016, Huffington Post wrote about a pink ale that included — you guessed it — edible glitter. But really, is that so surprising? If you happen to own some edible glitter, we imagine you can throw it into any beer you happen to have available anywhere.

But while many shared in the gleeful enthusiasm for this glittery new trend, there were others who were less than taken with the idea of a party favor swirling around inside their favorite brew.

Some flat-out thought that it was one of the worst beer trends of modern times. But others had much deeper concerns, wondering whether or not it was really safe to even be ingesting glitter. Like, is this trend really just the adult equivalent of eating glue?


However, the FDA assured people that the glitter used in food and drinks is not the same kind of glitter that people use in arts and crafts projects, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. Any glitter that's used in food or drink is non-toxic and edible. 

The jury's still out on glue, however. (Just kidding! Do not eat glue, people.)

Since it's been cleared by the FDA and is trendy, we’re already planning to work it into our Happy Hour plans. The possibilities are endless.


Still, cheers to the hopes that the bartenders who are serving this trendy beverage are getting a raise — we imagine cleaning the glitter out of all those glasses and bar taps is going to be an absolute mess!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2018 and was updated with the latest information.