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Are Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Secretly Dating? New Details About The Rumor That George Clooney Brought Them Back Together Again

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George Clooney May Have Gotten Brad Pitt And Jenifer Aniston back together

Jennifer Aniston, 49, and Brad Pitt, 54, divorced in 2005 but are reportedly seeing each other in secret.

A source told Star Magazine that George Clooney has been setting them up on dates — and they’ve been agreeing!                   

The celebrities “have been secretly getting together for late-night hookups, and it’s all because of George [Clooney],” the insider told the outlet.

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In 2016, Brad called it quits with his latest wife, Angelina Jolie, who he met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith back when the actor was married to Jen.

Brad and Angelina, 42, dated for 11 years and were married for two. They have six kids together, three of whom were adopted.

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Jen recently became single when she ended things with her hubby of two and a half years, Justin Theroux, in February.

George was the first person to call him when his marriage to Angie imploded,” the source told the magazine. “After Jen and Justin announced their split, he encouraged Brad to reach out and give their relationship another chance.”

A source explained to New Idea that Clooney had always been fond of the relationship between Brad and Jen and didn’t think Brangelina had a healthy marriage.

George has always hated Ange and really disliked the way she controlled Brad throughout their marriage,” the source said, referring to how Angelina forbid Brad to have any form of contact with Jennifer.

“He loved Brad and Jen when they were together and was devastated when they split — especially when he found out it was because of Ange, who he’d never heard good things about.”

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Clooney reportedly first set the exes up at a pre-Oscar party on Mar. 3 in Beverly Hills, where they went back to Jen’s Bel Air home after the event.

“Their evening together was very relaxed and low-key,” an insider claimed. “They reminisced about the past and had a lot of laughs. It seemed just like old times, but better.”

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The source went on to mention that neither regrets having married their exes but that “they both realized they had a good thing when they were together — and still do.”

If the insider s correct, Clooney is definitely rooting for Brad and Jen.

“Now it’s happened, he’s out there telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s responsible,” the source continued. “He’s pretty chuffed about it.”

Brad, Jen, and George have yet to comment on the alleged secret dates, but the source stands by the story.

“Jen wants to keep the reunion under the radar, since she went public with her divorce just a few weeks ago, and the last thing she wants is more scrutiny,” the insider says. “George has gotten the ball rolling — and who knows where it will lead?”

Though the insiders who spoke to Star are adamant their claims are true, a source told Hollywood Life “this is totally false.”

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