What His Instagram Photos Reveal About The Kind Of Person He Is

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what Instagram says about a man's personality

By Laura Kennedy

When you’ve been talking to a guy for a week or so, usually they ask for your social media and you exchange yours with his. This part always terrifies me because you know he is about to creep your entire life down to the first picture you posted on Instagram. Or maybe he is only going to look at a few, get bored and stop talking to you. Whatever the case may be, this is your chance to figure out what kind of person he is through his social media.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, social media is a representation of who you are as a person and this is exactly the same for him. Here are three types of guys you might come across on your dating journey and what their profile can say.

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The Selfie Snob

This is the kind of guy that has numerous selfies. Now self-love is wonderful but if every single one of your pictures is of you in a different outfit, in very similar poses, it doesn’t present a great dating profile. It can tend to give off a narcissistic vibe which likely will turn away potential dates.

A lot of selfies can mean that you are likely full of yourself or lack self-esteem so you seek to determine your value based on the number of likes you receive on your selfies. Remember, you are good looking and you don’t need numerous selfies to show potential partners that you are good looking either way. We have eyes and would like to see how good looking you are in person–instead of your numerous selfies in all different lighting and trying to be funny with witty captions.

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The Travel Geek

This is the type of guy who basically only goes on vacation to post a photo about it. If those pictures don’t explain anything either, it doesn’t help future dates understand you any better. Why did he travel there? What did he do there? Why does he travel here and there? These are questions that will likely pass through a date’s mind.

Listen, we can understand the need and want to share your adventures with the world, however, try to show us what else you enjoy doing instead of simply traveling. Show your friends, show your family. Give us more we can relate to or at least make more of an attempt to share why you travel. The truth is, more often than not, your current romantic interests won’t be able to relate to the places that you have traveled to and would like something else to talk to you about if you date.

The Gym Bro

This is the guy who is constantly in the gym. His entire social media presence is either photos of him working out or videos he re-posted of others working out. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with working out, however, this can come off as someone who is obsessed with living a life that is picture perfect–with no faults and no room to enjoy the occasional piece of candy.

It’s good to have hobbies and things we’re passionate about. However, if it appears to be an obsession it might turn off potential dating partners. But, if you are also the type of girl who loves working out and wants a partner to be the same, this type may be right up your alley and would likely be amazing motivation for you and your fitness journey.

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The Party Bro-er

This is the guy who constantly posts about the parties he is attending. He will have numerous photos of his passed out friends, with him giving a thumbs up. He will have repeated photos of him shotgunning a beer or doing a headstand over a keg at a party. This is the guy who always wants to party and while that has its perks, it’s nice to see that you can be down to stay in on the weekend and do simple things like catching up on sleep. This type of guy could be for you if you always want to spend every weekend hanging out with his friends and partying.

However, at the end of the day, I think we as women need to take his social media presence with a grain of salt. Why? These types of profiles don’t explain all of what makes someone who they are. The assumptions and knowledge of these types of profiles aren’t the whole story.

These tips you’ve read may be helpful in making your initial decision if you want to get to know someone more, but, this is only something he puts out in the world to represent him as a person digitally, not necessarily who he is every single hour or every single day. We can’t get to know someone simply based on a set of pictures, after all, we need more than that. We need to communicate with each other on more levels than a visual one.

Most people are more complex than what can be deduced from their social media. We are likely the same and don’t post the whole story of who we are online. We should try to remember that when we explore someone else’s social media. Please don’t write off a guy because of his photos on social media, at least give the guy a chance in person to see what he is really like.

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