Awful New Details About The Forida Woman Who Murdered Her Mom And Gouged Her Eyes Out After Smoking Weed She Believed To Be Laced With PCP

Camille Balla killed her mother with shards of broken glass.

Camille Balla Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman was arrested after she reportedly killed her mother and gouged her eyes out with shards of broken glass. 

Police were called to the home of Camille Balla, 32, in Royal Palm Beach after a colleague said she needed help and believed she may have murdered her mother.

When the colleague got to the home, she found Balla covered in blood. 

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Officers found Balla's mother covered in blood in the garage. She was surrounded by broken glass and her eyeballs were gouged out. 

During a search of the home, the woman's eyeballs were found sitting on top of a cardboard box. 

Several handwritten notes were also found inside the home. Police said they read things like, "related to clearing of the soul." 


Blood splatter and trails of blood were found throughout the home. Balla was found still inside the house with large cuts on her fingers and palms. 

Police said she appeared frantic and switched from being calm to shrieking hysterically. 

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When Balla was arrested, she allegedly began to chant: "I'm a murderer, I'm a murderer!" 

She later told police that before she killed her mother, she smoked marijuana that she believed to be laced with PCP. 

Balla was arrested on charges of suspicion of murder, and a judge denied her bond. He also ordered her to undergo a mental evaluation. 


During her first court appearance, she glanced at her family and started shouting in a foreign language. 

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