The 18 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband (That Will Sweep Him Off His Feet)

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best wedding anniversary gifts husband 2018

Over the years, finding the perfect anniversary gift for your husband can get harder and harder. You want to get him the ultimate anniversary present that's equal parts surprising and sentimental. And it has to be something he's going to love. (Unlike the boring pair of socks you got him for Christmas.)

And while something simple, like buying a pack of batteries when the remote’s batteries run out, could bring out a big smile on his face, you're going to need something a little better than that to commemorate your wedding day.

These 18 wedding anniversary gifts go the extra mile and show your husband just how well you know him — as you should after however many years of marriage!

Here are the best wedding anniversary gift ideas for your husband in 2018:

1. Pebble 2 Smart Watch

Pebble 2 Smart Watch,

If he doesn't have an iPhone but you think he would love an Apple watch, then this Pebble 2 smartwatch would be a great idea. Whether it's to track his workouts or to make taking calls on the go easier, your man won't want to take it off! Good thing the battery lasts for 7 days.

2. Rechargeable Phone Case

Rechargeable iPhone Case,

Always being on-the-go can be stressful if your phone continues to die. So, getting him this recharging case will not only help him, but he will appreciate you for it! The case also protects the phone from any wear and tear. He'll definitely love you for your thoughtfulness!

3. Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet,

Upgrading old items can be a very considerate thought. So, getting him this wallet will more than likely put a smile on his face. It's 100% genuine leather that as smooth and sexy as your man. 

4. Nutribullet


There's nothing like a fresh and easily made smoothie in the morning. The stainless steel blades grind fruits and vegetables with little to no effort. Helping him to be healthy without all the work means you deserve a million kisses!

5. PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Slim,

Having a PlayStation 4 can only make life better. It is one of the best and hottest game systems! He can play games, connect with his friends and record himself playing all at once. Being able to dump all his stress into the game will make for a more relaxed husband, for sure. 

6. Roku Box

Roku Box,

Movie night indoors can be relaxing, and it's also financially responsible. It's super easy to use plus it comes with a free app for your phone. Get him this Roku Box to watch your favorite shows and movies at any time!

7. Jaguar Cologne

Jaguar Classic Black,

Smelling good is essential — especially if it's important to him. One whiff of this and you'll want to cuddle up with your man. It's the perfect gift for both you and him. Plus, this bottle is so sleek and indulgent!

8. Nikon Camera Set

Nikon COOLPIX B500,

Whether he loves taking pictures or if he needs a new hobby, this camera set will definitely get him on the right track. It comes with everything you need including a memory card wallet and a cleaning kit. It's great especially if you want to be a sexy model for the night. 

9. Oxford Dress shoes

Wingstop Oxford,

New shoes can make any man feel invincible and give him a little lift in his step. It's comfortable form-fitting and devilishly stylish. It has antiqued leather and will put a pep in his step. 

10. Neck Tie Set

Classic Men's Silk Tie Set,

Having a variety of ties and pocket squares to choose from can make for an interesting and more confident man. It's silk and smooth to the touch, these ties can't help but make an impression. He'll totally crush it at the office with this gift.

11. Home Brew Gift Set

Northern Brewer,

He'll swoon when he opens this one! Even if your man is new to brewing this kit makes it easier with it's helpful recipes. Prepare yourself for hours of beer making — and tasting!

12. Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort,

Commuting can be a hassle if you have to listen to everyone's conversations. These headphones tune out all noise while listening to music and your man can still accept calls with it's built-in microphone. Helping him to have a moment of peace on the train is very thoughtful.

13. K-Cup Variety Pack

Keurig K-Cup Sampler Pack,

Drinking the same old coffee can become routine and boring. This sampler pack comes with a rainbow of flavors. Trying something new together can help bring you two closer!

14. Drinking Game Set

Roulette Drinking Game,

Who doesn't like to get a little crazy with friends? It's a unique roulette style drinking game that will bring hours of drunken goofiness. He'll love you, even more, when you bring home this fun gift!

15. Kenneth Cole Coat

Kenneth Cole Coat,

Looking good and keeping warm are two very important concepts.This coat accomplishes both without much effort! It's made of 60% wool and dry clean only. 

16. Leathario Leather Briefcase

Leathario Leather Briefcase,

Wearing a new briefcase can make him feel like a new man. It's genuine cowhide leather so he'll have to take care of it. Everyone in his office will be turning their heads at your great gift.

17. Armani Watch

Armani Watch,

A new watch gifted by you will only show your taste and how much you care about him. It's water resistant and comes with a 2-year warranty. Stylish doesn't even begin to describe an Armani watch. 


18. Home Theater System

Home Theater Speaker System,

Bringing home the movie experience without paying for a movie is great. It has surround sound and really gives you the theater experience.The quality of sound matters when watching his favorite movie.

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