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17 Best St. Patrick’s Day Gifts That Will Bring You The Luck Of The Irish

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best st. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas For 2018

St. Patrick’s Day is always an all-around good time. Getting all dressed up in green, drinking green beer and eating holiday-themed foods — nothing wrong with that!

For St. Patty’s Day 2018, we found the best presents and gifts for you to give the special people in your life a little luck of the Irish to help them celebrate (and maybe treat yourself, too).

Saint Patrick's Day is the time to embrace the shamrocks, let a leprechaun sit on your lap and find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

And get a little bit of Irish luck while you do it, too. Top of the morning to you!

Although, according to NPR, Saint Patrick (the man we celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day) wasn’t even Irish. But that doesn’t change the fact that St. Patty’s Day is still an Irish holiday.

Give the luck of the Irish to yourself and your friends this St. Patrick’s Day with these fun items that will help you celebrate:

1. Matching T-shirts

Saint Patrick's Day Custom Matching Shirts, Amazon.com

This fun St. Patrick’s Day twist on a Dr. Suess classic will let everyone know that you and your bestie came to the bar together.

2. St. Patrick's Day Beard Ornaments

St. Patrick's Day Beard Ornaments, Amazon.com

Decorating your beard isn’t just for Christmas anymore, fellas. Decorate your beard with a plethora of green shamrocks and be the life of the party this year!

3. Green Shamrock Sunglasses

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Shamrock Glasses, Amazon.com

See everything in green and be cooler than cool in these shamrock framed glasses.

4. Decorative Hand Towels

St. Patrick's Day 3 Towel Set, Amazon.com

Deck out the kitchen with these decorative hand towels that are sure to get you in the lucky Irish mood.

5. “You Can’t Pinch This” T-shirt

Can't Pinch This Tshirt, Amazon.com

Who knows, maybe someone will take it seriously and buy you a beer (score!).

6. St. Patrick’s Day Emoticon Poop Hat

St. Patrick's Day Emoji Hat, Amazon.com

Be the sh*t with this awesome hat!

7. Lucky Me, Lucky You Spoon Set

Lucky Me, Lucky You Spoon Set, Amazon.com

Get your special someone these adorable spoons for the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. Remember, it’s important to eat a balanced breakfast before a day of partying.

8. Beer Barrel Drinking Mug

Large Wood Beer Barrel Mug, Amazon.com

Shaped like a beer barrel, you'll love drinking green beer out of this wooden mug on St. Patty’s Day. Plus, it's insulated to keep your beer colder longer.

9. Shamrock Socks

Green Clovers Socks, Amazon.com

Get completely shamrocked from head to toe with these adorable socks!

10. Temporary Green Hair Dye

Temporary Green Hairspray, Amazon.com

Add some green to your hair with this temporary hairspray dye! From my personal experience, this is the best option for temporary use. It's the cheapest option I've found that will easily stick to your hair AND wash out the next day. Plus, this tends to work on all hair colors.

11. Party Supplies Set

St. Patrick’s Day Bundle, Amazon.com

You'll be dressed in a flash thanks to this perfect party kit for St. Patrick’s Day. Bottoms up!

12. Dancing Beer Mugs & Leprechaun Tiny Toys

St. Patrick’s Day Solar Powered Dancing Tiny Toys (2-pack), Amazon.com

Keep the luck of the Irish in your house all through March with these solar-powered toys. Keep them in your windows and watch them “dance” all day.

13. St. Patty's Day Stuffed Bear

St. Patrick's Day Party Leprechaun Bear Plush, Amazon.com

Get someone special this beary cute St. Patrick’s Day surprise.

14. Pot Of Gold Handbag

Original Pot of Gold Handbag, Amazon.com

A themed purse? Heck yes! Complete her leprechaun inspired ensemble with this awesome purse!

15. Bearded Leprechaun Hat

Saint Patrick’s Day Hat, Amazon.com

Turn your boyfriend into a leprechaun with this silly hat, plus attachable beard.

16. St. Patrick’s Day Nail Decals

Luck of The Irish Nail Art Decals, Amazon.com

Nothing makes you feel more like it’s St. Patrick’s Day than shamrocks on your nails, am I right ladies?

17. St. Patrick’s Day Headbands

Irish Green Hairbands, Amazon.com

Get your hair out of your face on St. Patrick’s Day with these adorable headbands. This set comes with five styles, so you can share them with your friends!

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