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The 21 Best Unique Gifts For Men To Give Him ‘Happy Birthday!’ Wishes

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best unique happy birthday gifts ideas for him 2018

Everyone wants to be that amazing partner who gives amazing and unique birthday gifts to their special guy. But, it can be kind of hard if you don’t know exactly what your man wants. With this list, you can come up with a few unique gift ideas that scream, “Happy Birthday!” and are sure to give him the best birthday wishes possible.

If the man you’re trying to get a happy birthday present for has completely different interests than you, then it will definitely make things harder. You like Grey’s Anatomy, he likes watching sports. He thinks buying a lot of clothes is not important; yet, you keep your closet overstocked.

So how can you know what he really wants for his birthday present in 2018?

Luckily for you, we've got your back and have done all the research for you.

Here are the best unique birthday gift ideas for him in 2018 that will impress your man on his special day:

1. Instax Camera

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera, Amazon.com

If he loves to take pictures but is not totally into becoming a photographer then this is the next best thing! Buy it here.

2. The Office Coffee Mug

Funny Coffee Mug, Amazon.com

If he loves The Office, then he'll understand this reference almost immediately. Buy this personality-filled mug here.


3. Iron-On Patches

Iron on Space Patches, Amazon.com

Help make his regular clothes even cooler! Buy the set here.

4. Ironic T-Shirt

Save The Chubby Unicorns, Amazon.com

Every funny guy needs a funny t-shirt, too! Buy this magically funny look here.

5. Vinyl Player

ION Audio Archive LP, Amazon.com

If he likes old school music of if he's really adamant about the quality of his music, this would be perfect. Buy him this awesome birthday gift here.

6. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake up light, Amazon.com

This cool clock is perfect for the early bird businessman (who always gets the worm!). Get him this sunny alarm clock here.

7. PS4 Multi-Kit

AMIR PS4 Cooler for Christmas Gifts, Amazon.com

If he's a big gamer this would be the perfect gift to make him smile. Here's where to get him this sweet set-up.

8. Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Amazon.com

These are perfect for any gym-aholic. Buy them here.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker, Amazon.com

If he loves listening to music at like he's at a party then you should definitely invest in this. Buy this stylin' speaker and rock on!

10. Xbox Controller Charging Station

Xbox Controller Recharging Dock, Amazon.com

For the man who loves his Xbox and plays it any chance he gets. Buy this, and get him exactly what he needs.

11. Portable Charger

Portable Phone Charger, Amazon.com

For a man who's always on the go. Get it here.

12. Lactose Watch

Lactose Men's Watch, Amazon.com

If this guy likes looking good and being able to easily tell time, then you know what to get him now. Buy the look here.

13. Disco Light

Disco Ball Strobe Light, Amazon.com

Having a fun time is made way easier with this disco light! Get it here — and maybe get yourself one, too.

14. Piano Keyboard

Piano Keyboard, Amazon.com

Making music is a great hobby — and could make for a romantic serenade if you're lucky. Buy this gift for your man.

15. Laptop Stickers

100 Laptop Stickers, Amazon.com

What better way to express yourself than with some cool stickers! Get the set here.

16. Galaxy Mattress Cover

Nebula Space Duvet Cover, Amazon.com

Being able to go to bed looking at something so cool makes for an amazing gift. Purchase this duvet for him here.

17. Under Armour T-shirt

Under Armour Men's Shirt, Amazon.com

If he needs some new work out t-shirts, then this would a great choice. Find his size, and buy it here.

18. Echo Dot

Echo Dot (2nd Gen.), Amazon.com

Having a personal assistant could really be helpful. He'll go crazy for this gift — which you can purchase here.

19. Tile Key Tracker

Tile Key Finder, Amazon.com

This is especially helpful for the forgetful guy. Buy it here.


20. Adidas Shoes

Adidas Men's Sneakers, Amazon.com

The comfortable, fashion shoes for the best-dressed guy you know. Buy these cool kicks here.

21. Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser, Amazon.com

Nothing better than keeping a good smelling room without all the hassle. Buy this relaxing gift here.

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