The First Grade Bullying Incident That Led To A 6-Year-Old Missouri Girl's Hair Being Ripped Out Of Her Scalp

Her mom has since taken her out of school.

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A Missouri woman decided to take her young daughter out of school after a bullying incident left her injured. 

According to KDSK, another student pulled the 6-year-old girl's hair so hard that patches of her scalp are showing. The incident reportedly happened at Lyon Academy in St. Louis while in a first-grade classroom.

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Amanda Lawson, the victim's mother, said her daughter left school that day with several bald spots on her head. Administrators at the school gave Lawson her daughter's ripped-out hair in a plastic bag. 

The damage could take months to heal, according to Lawson.

Initially, Lawson sent her daughter back to the academy. But she said the little girl was so afraid that she couldn't concentrate. 


She was afraid it might happen again. 

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Lawson said she called the police over the bullying incident but decided against pressing charges. She took her daughter out of Lyon Academy and enrolled her in a different school instead. 

A spokesperson for St. Louis Public Schools said the incident happened after two first graders in the same classroom got into "some sort of argument." 



"The dean of students had called me and was like some girl had pulled her hair out of her head," Lawson told KDSK.

“They gave me the hair in a bag that they had and I just I couldn’t believe it," she said. "I was mad like I wanted to protect her.”


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