How To Determine Whether Or Not Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Worth It

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How To Find Out If Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Worth The Loneliness

When you're in a long-distance relationship, it’s only natural to think about your partner all the time.

Maybe they live a few states away, or maybe they’re pursuing their dreams on the other side of the globe. No matter the distance, you feel a pang of loneliness when you see their name on your phone, feel the rumpled sheets of your empty bed, or hear the final notes of their favorite song.

It can be tough to feel connected. You might even struggle with feelings of jealousy, or a fear of the unknown and unseen. And on the hardest days, when you miss them too much to bear, you wonder if the distance is even worth the heartache.

I’m going to be honest: video chats and long phone calls didn’t give me what I was looking for. I needed this website, TruthFinder, to help put my thoughts (and heart) at ease. Here’s how it helped me — and how it can change the way you view your long-distance love.

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Bridging The Emotional Distance

TruthFinder's services are discreet and efficient, and they can help you get the peace of mind you need to confidently pursue your relationship.

It sounds like something out of a spy movie, but this site compiles information from something called public records, which are basically publicly accessible data like addresses, aliases, and criminal records (more on that later).

And as hard as it might be to stomach, a public records background check can also give you the facts you need if you're encountering major red flags in your long-distance relationship. Finding these facts will help you decide if your LDR is worth your time and effort.

What Are You Hiding?

I was really surprised the first time I used TruthFinder. When you pull a person’s report, you can uncover facts that your partner may be hiding.

For example, you can see if they're telling the truth about where they live. If you discover their current address is a lie, you might be able to view who they’re associated with in their report. Why would they lie about their address? Did they shack up with an ex?

You should double-check your long-distance partner’s address in the following situations:

Red flag #1: Maybe you met Tina through an online dating site. She says she lives in Chicago. However, your long-distance girlfriend never invites you to come visit her. If she continues to deflect your requests to come see her, it may be time to check if she actually resides in the Windy City. 

Red flag #2: Your boyfriend has allegedly moved to accept a lucrative job offer and claims to live in the posh side of town. However, some things don't seem to add up. A background check may reveal his current address and demographic data. 

Wait, Are You Married?

A background check can tell you so much about the person you're pursuing. For instance, you can pick up a few clues that indicate your “soulmate” is actually married — or hiding an ex-spouse.

If your beautiful, long-distance partner has an unfamiliar last name listed on her TruthFinder report, they might have already committed to someone else. Or if your partner’s report lists social media profiles you’ve never seen before, don’t be afraid to poke around — you might uncover secret photos of their second family.

Here are some red flags that may trigger an "are you married" search:

Red flag #1: They only want to call you late at night. Or, they hang up the phone abruptly if you call during normal daytime hours. Shady phone activity is usually a sign that there's someone else in the picture. If something doesn't seem right, it's time to check if they have already tied the knot. Normal partners want to give you the best of their time and won't pigeonhole you to times when they are at work or while their spouses are asleep.

Red Flag #2: They seem to only visit you in person when they're on a business trip. 

Red Flag #3: You never get to visit them. Perhaps your boyfriend lives in the town over, but he doesn't want you to risk you meeting his spouse.

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How Do You Really Spend Your Time?

You know the old adage that people will make time for what's important? If you're experiencing any of these red flags, it may be time to use a background check to explore your partner's behavior. Fun fact: TruthFinder is an easy way to see if they have opened secret social media accounts!

Red Flag #1: "I gotta go." If he’s the one to always cut the conversation short, you should wonder where else he's devoting his time. If he’s tweeting about his fun night out on a secondary Twitter profile, it’s easy to connect the dots.

Red Flag #2: They're like a ghost, then suddenly reappear. Semi-present LDR partners are elusive creatures that need to be investigated. If your girlfriend doesn't call you for a week, leaving you wondering what in the world she's up to, checking an exhaustive list of her social media accounts is a good place to start.

Let TruthFinder Help You Navigate Your LDR

Sometimes, it just takes a quick background check to rule out many fears. Thankfully, many times you'll find that your search only reinforces that your partner is telling the truth. However, in the case of doubt or when our instincts are blaring, having hard evidence of suspicious activity can give you the freedom to let go of a relationship that isn't worth pursuing.

Becoming a TruthFinder member is easy and gives you access to valuable information on people you need to look up. Plus, with unlimited searches, you’ll be able to use the power of this website to learn more about other people in your life, too — like friends, family members, and future potential partners.

You don’t have to deal with heartache. Start your first search.

Created in partnership with TruthFinder.

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