Why She Will Date You, Live With You, (And Maybe Even Have Your Baby), But Never Marry You According To Her Zodiac Sign

She has plenty of good reasons why she refuses to say "I do" to marriage.

Why She Will Date You, Live With You, And Even Have Your Baby, But Never Get Married, According To Her Zodiac Sign unsplash

Marriage is a big deal, (a legal one, too) and our zodiac signs play a huge role when it comes to what we look for in a potential spouse. 

Not only do married couples get to spend their lives together, a wedding license provides 13 laws when a couple says, "I do", and some of those laws include giving up your rights to independence, and what woman wants to give up that without being sure that she's found the right person? 


No one wants to think that they have made a preventable mistake.

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And maybe you both know that you have found the perfect partner in one another. You've been through thick and thin, dated a long time, tested the waters by living together.


Perhaps you've been together for so long that you even have a child that you are both proud parents to, but she's still scared of making that final leap to forever. Why?

A good marriage can make a woman feel like she's on top of the world; a great marriage is like having a dream that we ALL want to come true — eventually.

So, imagine the unpleasant sensation of that dream not coming true in the way you expected; it's something that she thinks about (a lot).

If a girl you're dating, have been in love with for years, live with, and even have a child with seems to have major commitment issues, you have to wonder why, especially if you've done nothing wrong. 


The sad truth is some people change after marriage.

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Maybe she grew up in a broken home and saw how difficult marriage and divorce can be. Perhaps she witnessed a great marriage between her parents and grandparents, and she doesn't want to be the first person to get a divorce. 


The answer can be found in her personality traits, and for that you may want to see what astrology and her zodiac sign reveal to give you more insight, too.

Of course, it's not easy for a man to handle when she says she won't ever get married. From a guy’s perspective, the girl of your dreams not wanting to marry you can seem like the worst possible thing on earth.

But, from a women’s perspective, feeling like you will never find the right person or ruining an already working situation only to be alone forever is very scary.



No one wants to make the wrong decision and promise forever because while divorce can be an option, it is not necessarily THE option we want it to come down to should things change for the worse.

That's not how the fairy tale ends in any princess's book and, women want the fairy tale ending.



Sometimes it has to do with the life stage she's in at the moment. She could be a recently graduated from college Capricorn who said no because she could not commit with her whole heart due to all the time she's dedicating to her career at the moment. 

Maybe she's a Gemini with a wounded heart who began developing stronger feelings for someone else, and now she's confused about forever. 

Or, she could be a free-spirited Aquarius who is also a traditional minded woman, that's fond of new challenges and making friends of all kinds and doesn't want to be told she has to choose between you and her friends—  she has her reasons for saying no.

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And those reasons for rejecting a marriage proposal are not because she wants to hurt you, but because she wants to love you the way you deserve, and if she’s not fully present or ready to take the leap, marriage is off the table. It's not always a commitment issue, it can be logical actually. 

And regardless of how compatible your zodiac signs or horoscopes are, commitment can be hard and nerve racking for literally anyone, and the idea of forever can be so pleasant yet scary.

But don’t worry, she’s all for keeping in touch with you, if you can't wait for her to get there! She is an independent, strong woman, you know.



Even if she doesn’t need or want you as her husband, she knows you would make a great friend to keep in her life, or else she wouldn't have gotten involved with you in the first place. 

If you want to understand why the woman you love won't marry you even though you feel it's right, here is a run down on reasons she won’t let you walk her down the aisle, by her zodiac sign according to astrology.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)



The reason why an Aries female won't get married is due to her independent personality. It will take a lot of man to handle this alpha lady.

Aries are well-known and loved for her ability to take initiative as well as her strong and fearless nature, but sometimes she can be selfish in the process.

There's nothing she loves more than to be her own person and do her own thing, which is incompatible to marriage for most people.

And as for relationships, she tends to commit to a partner fairly quickly. She  enjoy being in love and will constantly give you her all.

What makes her worry is the future. The hardest part about being with an Aries is not getting into a relationship, but instead staying in it. When nearly everything is a competition to the Ram, she wants to feel as though she's  “won” at marriage, and sometimes you will feel like she wants to compete more than commit.


Sorry, since Aries always likes to be kept on her feet, this may be why she can’t commit to marrying you, even if she is in love.

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TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Taurus are very slow to commit when it comes to relationships, and even slower when it comes to getting married. The Bull is careful to protect her heart.


She knows what she brings to the table in love as a partner. She is a woman who will want to savor every moment with you, bit-by-bit, so don't expect her to rush into anything.

Her strongest personalty traits are the ones that make marriage last — she is calm, thoughtful, and patient; all of which are important, especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

She only choose to be around people that have similar qualities and character. So if you are already in a relationship with a Taurus and there's any reason at all for her to wonder, she will reject your marriage proposal.

She wants to know that you will add value to her life in the future, not just now. Expect her to politely tell you that she cannot marry you unless you figure yourself out.


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GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

Geminis; as sweet as she can be, she can also be a pain it comes to commitment. Yes, it's easy it is for a Gemini to get bored as well as change her mind and attitude, but there's a reason for that and it may not be what you think it is.


One moment she could be professing her love to you and talk about how she hopes to get married and have a family with you, and the next day she can tell you that she does not want to be in a relationship with you anymore and that you two need to separate.

The future is confusing to a Gemini woman and she wants to be sure that she's figured everything out. She may feel like she needs room to explore the world, and she's got high standards when it comes to treating people the way she wants to be treated. If she thinks she's not being fair, she may push you away. 

Marriage may close the door to learning lessons in life she feels she needs to experience right now. So, she may not want to marry you now, but who knows, that could all change tomorrow. The major key with a Gemini is patience.

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CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

When the Crab zodiac sign falls in love, it is with full force. When she opens her heart, it's a big deal; Cancer zodiac signs don’t get close to everyone, and if you are lucky enough to be in her life, there's a reason — unconditional love.

Which is why it will seem like everything is going great, and that she does want to marry you. When that's not the case, it's confusing. In her mind, everything is great until you do something that is not up to her standards.


If you hurt her feelings too often without realizing it, and she will feel like she has to leave you immediately out of self protection. 

She does not have times for games of any kind, and her heart is hers to protect. So, don’t ever think she is not hurt when things don' work out. Saying no to you is a big deal and it's one she didn't make without thinking it over.

She probably will not get married for a while, if she's been hurt in the past, and so if she's not willing to marry you, it could be because she's got some healing to do.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)



There are two things a Leo loves: being in charge and being in love. Just the thought of being in a really good relationship excites her. She goes all in for the people she loves and though everything may have been going great for months or even years.

However, as much as a Leo likes to be in love, she also needs to be realistic about marriage.

When you asked her to marry you and she says no, try to understand where she is coming from. She probably felt like you both were not ready for something as serious as that. 

She's a woman with high expectations for herself and she needs to live a certain life style. When she gets married, she wants to know that she's able to afford marriage and all the nice things she wants.


She's not necessarily looking for someone to buy those things for her. Her Leo pride will want to do that for herself. If she may be willing to commit to you in other ways but marriage may be off the table until it's financially a solid move.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 23)



Virgos are analytical and they are also caretakers. Virgos love controlled environments, and the more she can predict what she's coming home to at the end of a work day, all the better. She needs stability; it's not just a want.

So, she is very calculative about everything, especially when it comes to intimacy and a loving relationship. For her, marriage is give and take. 

She wants to be able to add to your life, the same way she is hoping you will be adding to her life. She will be there for you through thick and think until it no longer makes sense.

If she feels like you aren’t able to provide her stability, she will step down, making marriage completely out of the question.


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LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

Commitment is in a Libra's nature; she's family oriented, loving and loyal. Libra is the Scales in astrology, so she needs balance in her life. Marriage has to be among two equals. She doesn't mind who makes more money, because she's not getting married for financial reasons. If you see yourself as Mr. Mom in the future, she's even okay with that. What matters to her is harmony. If you are arguing all the time, that could be why she won't marry you.


She will endlessly shower you with love and affection and make you the center of her universe when she can. She was happy with you and the way you treated her and the way the relationship was going, and that's why you are still together.

But, she can't say "I do" until she's sure you can get along. You might be fine with confrontation, and she doesn't mind talking about things that are controversial. When it comes to defining harmony, it’s not you, it’s her. She's got something specific in mind.

She’s sorry, but as much as she loves commitment, she withdrew full commit with of her whole heart the moment the fighting started to take place, which is why she was so hesitant on the idea of marriage when you started to bring it up.

She might even be thinking it would be best for you to go your separate ways, but she will give things time to change just to be sure. Just know, once she makes a decision to breakup, it will be for good.


A Libra will never go back on her decision once she ends a relationship that she thinks can never turn into a lasting marriage.

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SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

She was serious about you and the relationship from the start, and she was all in. She was happy to finally have someone she felt understood her. You taught her how to be patient and a little more sensitive, and while she is very thankful, she just cannot marry you.


When it comes to her needs, they run deep and personal. If she's working on a career and a relationship, it's difficult for her to divide her attention. She may have to focus on one thing at a time for a little while, even though she loves you with all her heart. 

She can only focus on one thing in her life at a time because her personality is to put all her passion into a single basket. If she has to choose between you and her job, she would choose her job but not because there is anything wrong with you. She wants to make sure she is doing everything she loves and has something to fall back on in the even that things don't work out.

Knowing that she feels that way is the main reason why a Scorpio woman may decide it's best not to marry you (or anyone else) at this time. So, if you're asking and she's rejected your proposal with a 'no' that could be the main reason why.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 21)

The energetic soul of a Sagittarius is not always easy to tame. They love being free and independent, which is probably what attracted you to her in the first place. A lot of patience and dedication has probably came with building your relationship. It's only natural that you would want to marry her. It makes sense to take things to the next level. 

It is really easy to fall in love with a Sagittarius woman which is why it is heartbreaking when she told she doesn’t what to marry you.


She was looking for someone who shared the same adventurous spirit as her and she just was not ready to settle down. She may find it more fun and exciting to keep the relationship as a couple without all the legal strings attached. 

She may even find it even more romantic and a sign of your commitment to her for love than if you're married. She's all about having the right to make decisions. Your decision to be with her on a daily basis means a lot to her. She may think getting married would ruin a good thing. 

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 21)



If you are or were in a relationship with a Capricorn, there's a great chance that you two were high school sweethearts. You fell in love young and she told you that you were everything she wanted in a man.

Which is why you were hurt and confused when she told you she could not marry you. It was not because she didn’t love you anymore, but because she started to love someone else, who she truly could see a forever with. This confused things for her and now she wants to figure out what's going on inside of her heart.

She may not have done anything wrong. Capricorns are fiercely loyal, but the idea that something could happen while married is a mistake she would never get over. So, for now, she will prefer to do that while dating you and having the right to decide if she can commit to forever. 

Until she's 100 percent sure, it's a no for now.


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AQUARIUS (January 22 - February 19)

When you met her, she was guarded; it took her a long time to trust that you had good intentions and that you were not there to hurt her. And once she began to trust you, she was in love because you provided security and comfort.


Although she's confident enough to get her stability from friendships and her inner strength, she's looking for a partner who is confident in themselves, too. If after a while, she told you she cannot marry you anymore, she might feel that you will have a difficult time with her friendships. 

She can't really be with someone who will want to control who she talks to or what she does with her time. She's looking for someone who has a life of their own and wants to share theirs with her, and vice versa. 

The moment she thinks you could become controlling, she'll likely find that a deal breaker, and either start to distance herself from you, and if you're asking to get married, say no and call it off sooner than later. 

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PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

Commitment for Pisces is hard to make because she knows once she falls in love, she's all sink and little swim. Didn't she keep telling you that she did not want a relationship? 

Somehow you convinced her that your love was real, and for a while, everything was good. You two built a foundation together and a solid relationship, and now she can't see her future without you. 


But when you asked to marry her she had to say no. She just couldn’t commit to you because of her fears. She's afraid that everything won't work out the way she plans in her dreams.

It is not that she does not want to be with you anymore. She's struggling. Being realistic about life and marriage and making major life-changing decisions is hard when she's in love with the fairytale at the moment.

She might be willing to move in together, have a child and when she's sure that marriage is the right thing to do, for everyone, take the leap. But, she'd rather make it easy to break it off in the long run than fight someone she loved in court. She's too peaceful of a spirit for all of that. 

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