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7 Cringey Details About Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin’s Relationship, Including Rumors He Left His Kids For Her

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7 Cringey Details About Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin's Relationship

Another day, another curious relationship drama for the Kardashian-Jenner clan! Kendall Jenner is the latest Kardashian sister to have her dating life thrust into the spotlight. 

Jenner's most recent rumored relationship is with basketball player Blake Griffin. The couple has been spotted together every now and again since August 2017, but have only recently been confirmed to be in a relationship when Griffin made headlines regarding issues with his ex. There's also the fact that Jenner has never really had any confirmed exclusive relationships before. 

So what's really going on between the supermodel and her newest boo? Here are some of the most bizarre details about the relationship between Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin.

1. Jenner started dating Griffin at the same time she was with rapper A$AP Rocky.

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Unlike her sisters, Jenner is notorious for never actually having a confirmed exclusive relationship. So it wasn't too surprising when she was caught spending time with Griffin when she was still supposedly involved with A$AP Rocky

However, it seems that no matter who (or how many) guys Jenner is dating at the time, she will always be devoted to her career first and foremost. According to sources, “she takes her career very seriously, and that’s her number one priority right now.”

Jenner is young and she does have quite an incredible career, so we can't blame her for not wanting to settle down. But this probably means that Jenner and Griffin are not likely to live happily ever after.

2. Griffin has been seen with other women.

In January 2018, the second youngest Kardashian sister's relationship seemed to be slowing down. Griffin was spotted having dinner with another woman in Los Angeles. Not only were they having dinner together, but Griffin was seen holding hands with the woman. 

It seems like Griffin likes to keep things just as casual as Jenner does in the relationship.

3. The couple seems to like spending more time apart than together.

While they have been spotted hanging out together on multiple occasions, it's obvious that both Jenner and Griffin value their time apart from each other.

The strangest case of this was in November when Jenner and Griffin both attended the same premiere, but were never photographed together. They did pose for photos, but only separately. This is especially odd considering that the pair had already been linked for a few months by the time of this premiere. 

Another occurrence of this that stands out is earlier in the same month when Griffin attended Jenner's birthday dinner. Kendall's family was there, meaning that Blake most likely has met them — but strangely enough, the pair spent time separately, which doesn't seem normal for a couple who is just getting to know each other's families.

While it's healthy in any relationship to spend some time alone, there is something odd about a couple enjoying time apart more than they like to be together.

4. Griffin broke off his engagement to be with Jenner.

Griffin was about to get married right before he got together with Jenner. He was engaged to Brynn Cameron and their wedding date was set for July 28, 2017. 

Their relationship had complications as Griffin wanted Cameron to sign a prenup a month before the wedding. However, Cameron wouldn't agree to this because it would conflict with an agreement the couple made back in 2013 where Cameron would raise the couple's children so Griffin could receive the maximum contract from the NBA. His contract was reported to be worth more than $170 million.

After this, Griffin decided to call off their wedding and was seen with Jenner not long after. Cameron has stated that Griffin was partying with Jenner in Las Vegas on the same day they would have been getting married.

5. Griffin is in the midst of a palimony lawsuit.

Griffin's problems with his ex have continued into the new year when just this Valentine's Day, she filed a lawsuit against him stating that Griffin abandoned Cameron and their two children to be with Jenner. "Griffin cared more about the glamour of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and family man," Cameron wrote in the lawsuit, according to TMZ

Griffin and Cameron seemed to have had a rocky relationship from the start. During the eight year span of their coupling, they were always on and off. Of course the most telling evidence of this is when Griffin finally put a ring on it only to call the wedding off and suddenly moved on with Jenner.

Cameron's lawsuit explains that Griffin promised to always support Cameron as long as she would agree to quit her job. This could be a huge problem in his relationship with Jenner as she is extremely dedicated to her career. The lawsuit also points out that Cameron helped him in his professional life as well, stating that "[Cameron] strengthened Griffin's bond with his teammates and allowed the organization to see a different side of his personality rather than the hard-partying man-child Griffin had been prior to their cohabitation."

These details from the lawsuit show that Griffin is probably more attracted to fame and partying than being in a grounded relationship. 

6. Griffin is allegedly a bad kisser.

In January 2018, Olympic star Lolo Jones revealed that she had been on a date with Griffin before. She then went on to say that it was "the worst date of her life," labeling him as a terrible kisser — ouch. Jones made these comments on ESPN Sportcenter's Instagram account after a fan commented that they thought she might have a crush on Blake. 

7. Jenner and Griffin already faced wedding rumors.

In December 2017, Griffin was seen shopping at a jewelry store in L.A — but it wasn't just any jewelry store. It happened to be one of Jenner's favorites, XIV Karats. He left the store with a bag, but what bauble he actually bought was never photographed leaving people to wonder if he could have been buying a ring for his Kardashian lady. Of course, it could have just been a Christmas present for Jenner since he made the purchase during the holiday season, but that didn't stop fans from speculating that it was a ring.

So will Blake Griffin be the first lucky guy to have an exclusive relationship with Kendall Jenner? We'll just have to stay tuned to see if the supermodel and her basketball player beau decide to ever make it official.