17 Best Spotify Workout Playlists To Get Your Heart Pumping For American Heart Month

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Best Spotify Playlists Workout Exercise American Heart Month

The heart. Physically, it is needed for survival and emotionally, it is what makes us love, care, and overall be the person we are.

And in order to have a such a great and full heart, we must protect our hearts and make sure they are in tip- top condition.

According to the American Heart Association, over 600,000 die of Heart Disease every year in the US alone. That is 1 out of ever 4 people. Heart attacks can be very scary, but they also don’t need to happen if the right measures and precautions are taken.

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That includes meeting with your doctor and finding what works best for you and your body because everyone is different.

The greatest thing we can do for ourselves, is to take care of ourselves. That includes eating right, and working out.

While working out does not always feel like the greatest thing, it is important to get in a good workout as often as you can to lead your best life.

Now, how exactly should you get into the whole idea of working out? By setting the mood and finding great music to hype you up of course! Music is universal and influential, and the better the music we listen to, the more our mood will improve.

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To help you with that, we have created a list of the best Spotify workout Playlists ranging from the best country workout mix to the most popular pop songs.

They are fun upbeat tracks that are sure to get you in the mood to kick butt in and out of the gym.

Here is a list of 17 Spotify Workout Playlists that will get your heart pumping and in the mood to work out and improve your health one day at a time. Your heart will thank you for taking care of it.

1. Beast Mode by Spotify

This hot playlist is perfect to get your workout journey in the right direction. It includes Remixes to Humble by Kendrick Lamar, You Can’t Stop Me by Andy Mineo, and even Numb by Jay-Z and Linkin Park.

This playlist created by Spotify is very versatile and you are sure to find a song will get your heart pumping and you’ll love.

2. Workout Twerkout by Spotify

This playlist is great for the rap lover who also loves to dance while they work out. I intense beats and tempos on this playlist make it easy to get into the groove.

This playlist will get you so in the zone you may even find yourself shaking your bum mid-way through your treadmill session.

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3. Jock Jams by Spotify

This playlist is meant to hype you up during any situation, especially a good workout.

It’s great for workouts such as boxing or kickboxing, to eliminate stress.

4. Up Tempo Gym Music Vol. 2 by Workout Citi

This playlist by Workout Citi is another great one when going to the gym. It has no lyrics, but excellent beats that will get you and your heart moving in the right direction.

5. Motivation Beats Vol. 2 by Workout Citi

This is another great beat filled playlist by Workout Citi that will make you want to sway your hips to the music as will has go hard on the stairmaster.

6. Country Workout by Brett Sandy

This playlist is ideal for the country music lovers. It has the best of Florida Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, and more. With over 128 songs that will last multiple gym visits.

7. 2018 New Workout Classics by Running Music Workout

This playlist is mostly beat mixes as well as some motivational words such as “Do it”.

This playlist will make you want to continue your reps for as long as you can and you’ll sure be glad you did.

8. 2018 Work Your Limits by Cardio Hits! Workout

This is a techno upbeat playlist that you will find yourself listening to even after gym time is over.

This playlist will last you through your 1 hour workout and you’ll probably find yourself tempted to leave it on loop.

9. Workout remix by Spotify

This playlist is filled with remixes of your favorite pop songs. Because sometimes your favorite song isn’t fast enough for your favorite workout, and this album eliminates that problem.

With 52 songs, you’ll find that this will quickly become your favorite playlist!

10. Top Female Artists of 2017 by Spotify

This playlist is filled with the most streamed music from 2017. And the best part is that all the artists are women on this list.

So when you are in the mood to feel empowered and kick butt, this album is great for you.

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11. Cardio by Spotify

This playlist created by Spotify is another upbeat list filled with songs ideal for Cardio.

It features artists such as Rita Ora, Tove Lo, and Flo Rida, making cardio a lot more enjoyable.

12. Rock Me Up by Spotify

The music on this playlist is strictly rock, and will have you pushing through any good workout.

With both classic and newer rock songs that will last you over five hours, enjoy this playlist for your next few workouts.

13. HIIT Pop by Spotify

HIIT Pop is great for all the days you’re feeling like doing high intensity workouts. The upbeat tunes will keep your heartrate up and your motivation endless.

It also includes 57 songs that are sure to last you for at least three workouts before you start repeating.

14. Run Wild by Spotify

This playlist is great if you already love to run or are trying to get yourself to the point where you love running. The songs on this list are also strictly beats and no lyrics, that way you can focus solely on running your heart out.

15. Power Workout by Spotify

Another Spotify playlist that will get you through your workout. It will give you that intensity you need to get the workout done and get your body sweating.

It is a mix of 30 songs that will be perfect for those days where you want to work out for two hours but don’t want to run out of music.

16. Latin Dance Cardio by Spotify

This playlist is for the Latin music and Zumba lovers. The songs on this playlist will make you want to saw your hips and move to the rhythm.

The get the most effective cardio done while listening to this playlist, you may want to use this playlist strictly for your self made dancing classes.

17. One More Rep by Spotify

This playlist is for the avid weight lifters. Most of the songs on One More Rep are Rock-N-Roll based and is the perfect album to jam and get your anger out to.

This playlist will get and keep you in the zone of working out, and like the name of it says, you’ll be tempted to do one more rep again and again. 

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