New Details About Christopher Dionne, The HGTV Star Charged With Molesting A 10-Year-Old Girl Wile She Was At Sleepover At His Home With His Kids

Christopher Dionne

His kids were reportedly sleeping in the same room at the time of the incident.

A former HGTV personality has been arrested for allegedly molesting a minor during a sleepover. 

Christopher Dionne, 36, surrendered himself to police Jan. 29 after a 10-year-old girl told police he sexually assaulted her. 

According to documents provided to Fox Newsthe girl was attending a sleepover at his home in Connecticut. She said she was sleeping on the couch when she woke up to him allegedly assaulting her. 

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The girl, who is a friend of Dionne's children, claims he touched her buttocks under her clothes as well as her chest. She said he took pictures while he was assaulting her and asked her if she wanted to touch his penis. 

She said he then left the room before returning to assault her again. In addition to making lewd comments, the girl said Dionne also told her not to tell her mom. 

"I'll go to jail and (my daughter) won't have a daddy," the warrant said. 

His son and daughter were supposedly in the same room at the time. The incident allegedly happened in November of 2017. 

Apparently, this wasn't the first time. The girl said a similar incident happened in September of 2017. 

The girl told her mother about the incident who then called the police. Dionne was fiiming a new series, House Rescue, and his wife told detectives that on the night of the alleged incident, she said Dionne went out and didn't remember when he got home. 

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Dionne told police that when he got back home that night, the girl was awake on the couch. He went and sat next to her and while she was laying down, she put her arm around his waist and supposedly began to rub his stomach. 

He said he felt uncomfortable and told the girl it was inappropriate. She tried to do it again, he told her to stop and she began to cry. Dionne claims he rubbed her back to calm her down and told her to go to sleep. 

Dionne denies all allegations of sexual assault and is currently being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond. 

He and his twin brother, Michael, appeared in the 2015 pilot for the HGTV show Family Flip. The show wasn't picked up and Dionne was working on a new series for A&E. They have declined to comment. 

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