Strange New Details About The Texas Woman Who Went Missing For 36 Hours And Was Found At A Chick-fil-A With Bruises On Her Body

She can't remember what happened.

Courtney Roland

A Houston sports reporter who was reported missing over the weekend was found unharmed Monday at a nearby Chick-fil-A. However, she has unexplained busies on her body and apparently doesn't remember the last 36 hours. 

Courtney Roland, 29, disappeared right after she texted her roommate that a strange man in a blue truck had followed her home from Wal-Mart late Saturday night. She told her friend that the truck drove up to her as she parked in her driveway, and then drove off when she got out of the car. 


She was supposed to meet up with her friend that same night, but she never showed.

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The next day, her mother got the following text from Roland's cell phone. 

"hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad." 

Her disappearance sparked a massive search, as well as theories from online sleuths that suggested she might have gone into hiding. 

Overnight, police found her car parked at a nearby Mall. Her phone and other items were left inside and her purse was found at a nearby business. 


Roland was reportedly spotted alone in a mall on Sunday, and on Monday, she was spotted under an overpass near Chick-fil-A. An employee of the fast-food chain said the missing women came inside and asked for a cup of water, but the staff didn't recognize her.

Soon after that, Roland was found safe by authorities. 

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She told officers that she had a severe reaction to medication that led her to become confused and disoriented. As a result, she suffered memory loss. 

"When our people were talking with her she seemed pretty confused about everything," police Lt. Manuel Cruz Jr. said.


Though she wasn't harmed, she did have bumps and bruises all over her body and does not remember how she got them. In fact, she wasn't even aware she was missing. 

"She doesn't remember everything," he said. "I think in her state of confusion she kind of lost track of time," Cruz said. "I don’t think she was aware that she was being looked at as a missing person."

Cruz also said Roland spent much of those 36 hours looking for her phone. At one point, she said she used an iPad app to try to find the phone. 


Police do not suspect foul play at this time, and Roland is currently being evaluated at a nearby hospital.

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