6 Reasons It's Absolutely Okay If You Don't Want A Relationship

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6 Reasons I Don't Want A Relationship — And Why There's Nothing Wrong With That

By Nisha Baghadia

Not the relationship type? Well, trust me, you are not the only one.

Society assumes that being in a relationship is necessary to be happy. The funny thing about labels and commitments is that they tie you down.

Don’t let societal pressures get to you because many people are in a relationship just for the sake of it. People are constantly judged for not being the “relationship type,” thanks to false stereotypes.

But the truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being in a relationship. Honestly, it’s a great feeling, and it gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself.

Here are a few reasons why I don't want to be in a relationship — and why it’s totally okay if you are not the relationship type.

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1. It’s not at all a bad thing.

Since I’m usually single, I’ve heard many snide comments that naturally make me feel upset. I started feeling like I needed a relationship just to put an end to the criticism.

Perhaps your current views regarding relationships will change over time, but even if they don’t, it’s still okay.

I realized I was never happy in a relationship. I was not excited about doing activities together or spending time doing something I don’t entirely enjoy. And this fact isn’t a bad thing.

All it says is that I have different priorities in life as compared to others around me.

2. Reasons don't matter.

People are often too curious about why someone is not in a relationship. But as long as you are happy, that’s all that matters.

No matter what the reason is, nobody should judge you for it. It’s possible that you are successful in your career right now and prefer to be committed to it. Or maybe relationships are just too much work for you and the emotional aspect is something that does not interest you.

There is no need to feel that you need to change your preferences to fit a social profile.

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3. You have a fear of being tied down.

This exists within all of us — the fear of being tied down. However, only a few of us are vocal about it.

To me, a relationship is something that terrifies me to the point of calling it quits. Commitment issues are real, and they can tear relationships apart. So be clear about what you want right from the beginning, and you will be safe.

As someone who is not the relationship type, I have been there, and I realized that spending time with myself was something I preferred to being with others. 

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4. You are your priority.

Think about the time when you would just relax, watch your favorite TV show in your comfy jammies and not have a care in the world, or shopping for hours and eating at your favorite diner.

Many of these things disappear in a relationship because priorities change. And that is a big red signal for me.

I want to be my priority and be able to do what I want at any time of the day.

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5. You constantly desiring others.

Well, if you are committed to someone, it’s not ideal to go about flirting with others.

If you are always looking for someone else or flirting and cheating on your partner, the relationship loses its meaning (unless, of course, you’ve agreed to an open relationship).

It’s better to be single and have the opportunity to flirt or get together with whomever you want instead of cheating on your partner and then feeling guilty about it.

As long as you are honest about what you want, nobody can question you otherwise. Whether you want to be in a serious committed relationship or keep your dating life super casual, that is completely up to you.

6. Your career comes first.

For some of us, our foremost priority is our career, and there’s nothing wrong about that.

Not everyone has to be in a relationship and it’s okay to instead shift your focus to something that you are more passionate about. It is important to always do what you love, whether that’s work or play.

By forcing yourself into a relationship, you can hinder the pleasure that work gives you.

People often make a big deal about someone who is not the “relationship type,” but I have been single for a while now, and there is nothing I enjoy more than my freedom.

Life is ultimately about being happy, so instead of worrying about what others think, strive to focus on the things that feel right to you. Even if that means doing your own thing.

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Nisha Baghadia has written many articles on fitness, wellness, and beauty. She's a regular contributor to StyleCraze.com and a few other websites.

This article was originally published at Role Reboot. Reprinted with permission from the author.