9 Abusive Things Men Do — And Why You Need To Burn That Bridge For Good

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signs of an abusive relationship
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Say bye for good.

Everyone makes mistakes and we should give people the gift of forgiveness for ourselves as much as for the sake of the individual who hurt us. Some people as romantic partners deserve second chances because no one is perfect, and sometimes it takes tweaking and life lessons to make the love between two people great.

But other times, some actions just burn the bridge for good. Some actions are so heinous, offensive and unkind that you can never give him a shot at love again.

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Besides the obvious things like murder, animal or child cruelty, or rape, there are certain signs of an abusive relationship that you should never ignore. If your partner does these 9 things, they do not deserve forgiveness, and neither do abusive men. Just burn that bridge behind him and walk away for good.

1. He sleeps with your friend or someone close to you. 

Infidelity happens and, in some cases, forgiveness is a sign of growth for both parties. But if someone sleeps with your close friend? No. This is not someone you should get involved with.

A stranger, I could “understand.” But if your partner goes and sleeps with your bestie, it's not okay. Burn the bridge — for both of them. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

2. He publicly humiliates you.

If he tells everyone you had a drug problem, and shares deep secrets publicly (and not just with a close best friend) for all to know, burn that bridge.

3. He harms your child. 

If you have a child and your spouse or dating partner harms your kid, that is unforgivable. Children are innocens. If this person is abusive to kids, there is no hope for that awful soul.

4. He starts stalking you.

If someone stalks you, this is scary and not normal or loving. This is pretty much a no-brainer. Run for cover!

5. He forces you to do something sexually.

A partner does not push or force someone to do something she doesn't want to do sexually. If your partner tries to rig up a threesome or belittle, force or verbally or physically abuse you to do something you do not want to do, this is never normal. Sex is supposed to be consensual, always.

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6. He threatens you with divorce or abandonment.

If your partner threatens you with divorce or to dump you every single time you do something wrong — day after day, after day — that is cruelty right there. 

Do not go back to someone who makes you anxious that he is going to leave you if you do not behave well all the time. That person is clearly obsessed with control, and this is one of the major signs of an abusive relationship.

7. He lies in therapy.

If the two of you go to marriage counseling or couples counseling and your partner is lying in therapy, run away. If he can't be honest in a therapeutic setting in which the two of you trying to work things out, he person is in denial. 

Walk away unless he is ready to come clean and explain that he is lying.

8. He's verbally abusive.

Obviously, physical abuse is a no-no, but a partner that degrades you by calling you names, or speaks down to you as if you are lesser than he is, is worth slamming the door on for good.

Do we all get mad sometimes? Yes. Someone calls you a jerk or an assh*le, but life goes on and that person should apologize and never do that again. None of us are perfect, but verbal abuse is different than having a bad moment.

Verbal abuse can be defined in so many ways, but if someone orders you around, denies your feelings or belittles them, talks down to you, and makes nasty jokes at your expense, run as fast as you can.

9. He uses you — financially, sexually, or otherwise.

A person who uses you for gain, whether it's for a green card, for money or for sex, is someone that needs to be cut out of your life. That is not someone who cares about you but only cares about himself.

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