The Powerful Reason Why People Are Wearing Pineapple Pins

Cute, but meaningful.

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Pineapples have served many purposes in our lifetime so far. Being put upside down on a cake, making fancy drinks, and being the home of Spongebob.

But lately, there has been another use of the symbol of the pineapple. And this time it seems to have a bit more behind it then just deliciousness. So, what are the reasons why women are wearing pineapple pins lately?

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As you may have heard, experienced or are close to someone who goes through IVF, you know how draining of a process it can be. It is uncomfortable both physically and mentally. The whole ordeal is not always enjoyable.


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Is it worth it? Absolutely. But is it completely defeating while doing it? Hell no, and the women who go through it are definitely superheroes. 


Women have begun to show their support to other women going through the IVF process, and they are doing so by wearing these pins.

Fearne Cotton went to Instagram to show her admiration for the courage of women who go through IVF. She posted a photo of herself wearing a pin with two pineapples smiling. The caption read, "My wonderful friend Sara has started up a game-changing initiative! I’m wearing this pineapple pin to show my strength, love, and support for those whose lives have been touched by fertility struggles."

The movement to show support has skyrocketed. Women everywhere are now following suit and beginning to post their own photos wearing the happy pineapple pin. The hashtag #IVstrongertogether has also become a focal point in this movement. 


The showcase of support was initially created by the same organization that is involved with infertility, IVF Babble. They wanted a way to show women who are struggling with this that they are not alone — not in their experience nor in support.

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The pins are not smiling pineapples by mistake. They are meant to represent a symbol of community and bring some joy to the whole process. Plus, they are so damn cute you just wanna hug them.

Not only are women showing their admiration for women going through IVF, but a lot of women who are involved in the process directly have been sharing their own stories. They are getting emotional, and rightly so. A lot of women talk about how they felt alone at moments through the ordeal. They maybe lost a little bit of hope or struggled with being able to talk about it. 


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When you go through something that is so raw and personal, it can be tough to open up. You may feel judged or like you might be alienated from struggling through something people don't understand. Those thoughts are not reality, though. And more and more women are starting to realize that.


The pineapple pin pics are bringing a sense of community. Women who originally felt so alone before are now feeling like they are on a team. And all of you are! Like we said before, you are all superheroes in your own right.

Friends and family of women going through it all are leaping at the chance to show just how badass they think their loved one is. All of the stories are truly touching. The outpouring of love these adorable pineapples showcases are powerful. 

These pins are becoming quite a center topic of conversation. More facts and more stories are coming out every minute. This is likely the plan of IVF Babble. They wanted to create a safe haven of sorts for women to speak up and be heard.


And with the internet reaching so many locations in the world, women are truly seeing the massive number of similarities involving other ladies in the same boat as them. The loneliness is seemingly becoming less important.

The bond between these women and their supporters are rightfully taking over the spotlight. 

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