Scary Details About Sex Trafficking Ring Run By An Investment Manager Accused Of Raping And Electrocuting Instagram Models In His NYC Penthouse

Howard "Howie" Rubin is being accused of rape and assault by three Florida models.

Howie Rubin

A top investment funds manager has been accused of human trafficking, violent rape, and assault in a $27 million dollar lawsuit filed by three Florida models. 

The women say Howard "Howie" Rubin, 62, and his associates contacted them at different times on Instagram in 2016 and offered them thousands of dollars to fly to New York to appear in photo shoots and offer the man "companionship. But when they arrived, Rubin allegedly drugged them and took them to his secret sex dungeon in his NYC penthouse. 


It was there the models claim the man violently beat and raped them while they were bound and gagged until Rubin left to go home to his wife and three children. 

After the attacks, Rubin's associates would offer them more money in exchange for their silence. They also paid the medical bills for the women who suffered injuries during the beatings and rapes. 

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One of the victims said Rubin hit her so hard that she passed out as he demanded her to call him "daddy." Another said she had her breast punched so hard that her implant flipped. And he allegedly told two of the women: "I'm going to rape you like I rape my daughter." 


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Two of the women said that women they first met Rubin for dinner and drinks after their flights, he was "cordial and respectful." But when they got to the penthouse, everything changed. 

"Rubin brought the women into this side room (the “Dungeon”) and immediately slapped [one of them] across the face," the lawsuit reads. "Not only had the slap been unexpected and hurt, but [she] had recently undergone a cosmetic treatment to her face, known commonly as fillers, and was concerned that Rubin would damage the treatment."


Once inside the dungeon — which was locked and full of sex toys, a large x-shaped machine with straps, a bench and full-face masks with zippers and metal hooks — he ordered the women to hit one another. When one of the victims refused, he said he would hit her too.

After gagging and bounding them, he would punch the back of their heads, breasts, and rib cages while calling them names. Rubin would allegedly become more violent if they screamed. 

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The violent abuse continued for about an hour until Rubin went home to his family. After staying at the penthouse for the night, they flew back to Florida the next day. 


One of his associates, Jennifer Powers, allegedly tried to soothe the victims after Rubin went home. A former model herself, she claimed to have slept with him before she worked for him. 

Afraid of what he might do if they didn't appear to appease him, the women continued to fly back to see Rubin. He even paid one of them $2,000 to introduce them to the third victim. 

During one of their visits, Rubin allegedly raped one of the victims with a cattle prod. 


Sometimes they went together, and sometimes the women went alone. The lawsuit itself details four different incidents that all occurred in 2016. 

They said when they were originally contacted on Instagram by his associate Shon Powers, they were told Rubin was a "great guy" who wouldn't do anything to make the women feel uncomfortable. And if they did, they could leave and would still be paid $2,000 for their time. 

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