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The Big Way Your Moon Sign Affects Your Life If You're A Scorpio

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You may already know that your Sun sign influences how you view the world, but did you know that your Moon sign does, too? Ancient astrologers focus more on a person's Moon sign to determine their personality than their Sun sign. Western Astrology focuses on a person's Sun sign.

If you're curious to know what your Moon sign is or see your complete chart you can find it here with this birth chart calculator for free. All you need is the date and time you were born.

According to ancient astrology, your Moon sign is the key to your fate. When the Sun enters your zodiac sign's house, blessings and big changes take place, but what I've learned is that these changes are also influenced by my Moon sign.

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Every zodiac sign is affected by the different phases of the moon as it travels through different Houses of the Zodiac each month. Depending on what sign you are, the moon sign will either heighten or undermine certain traits specific to your zodiac sign.

What do your sun sign and moon sign mean? In astrology, your sun sign is the most prominent. It determines who you are and what your personality is like per your zodiac sign.

Your moon sign is also influential, as it determines your daily emotions and moods. As your moon sign changes, so does your state of mind.

Right now I am a Moon in Sagittarius with Sun in Scorpio and let me tell you, I have noticed! I’m normally very outgoing and constantly on my phone and checking social media. 

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But once my moon went into Sagittarius, I have basically been a hermit. I haven’t wanted to talk to anyone — I have literally not texted anyone back all day — and I’ve gone MIA on Instagram and Twitter. I have just wanted to stay home with a good book, a cold beer, and my cat! There is nothing wrong with that, obviously, but it is so unlike me.

My moon sign is very outgoing and extroverted, but my sun sign undermined that. It basically has me as the opposite of a Sagittarius right now because my sun sign is saying, “leave me alone!” It’s actually very cool to see how the planets and moon and their alignments can affect different people in different ways. Do you know how each moon sign affects you directly?

If you’ve ever noticed a change in your energy but never really looked into your horoscope or what may have caused you to be more introverted than usual or have a shorter temper than you normally do, this might help you out.


The Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Moon combination is an extremely powerful one. It calls for a rollercoaster of feelings and attitudes, as the Scorpio Moon is ruled by emotions. 

You may be extremely passionate, borderline overbearing, and emotional one day and able to hide any and all emotions, have a crazy short temper and hide behind the doors of their house the next. You can never really know what to expect with a Scorpio when the moon is also in Scorpio — just know passion will be in everything you do.

This is a great time for advances at work or doing some work on the house. The high levels of passion at this time will allow a Scorpio to get what they want through utter determination, so go for that promotion! Creativity is also at an all-time high. What better time to redo your kitchen or paint your bedroom? A Scorpio Moon is one hell of an experience.

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The Aries Moon is very controlling and high maintenance and can be aggressive. When you add any of the Air or Fire signs, you are left with a highly driven and assertive person who is not afraid to use force to get what he or she wants. 

Pairing Aries Moon with an Earth Sun sign like Capricorn or a Taurus can result in a very commanding sign that will not back down from anything. Sun in Scorpio brings out the stubbornness of an Aries and exacerbates his or her independence. 

You may feel the need to do everything on your own or have to test those around you to ensure they are worthy of your presence. An Aries Moon will bring a strong level of focus with it, so be sure to start on those daunting tasks you’ve been postponing! You will be sure to get them done ASAP with OCD levels of accuracy, thanks to your Aries Moon.

Aries Moon can be a difficult person to deal with, but they’ll certainly be there if you need them and will always finish what they start.

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The Taurus Moon is sensible and calm, with a hint of pride and jealousy. Throw the Fire or Air Sun sign into the mix and you’ve got a sign that is very in touch with reality, with lots of intensity and a strong personality.

You’ll be focused on what is going on now and not too concerned with the future. Although you have many specific goals, you are only concerned with how you can go about toward them today, not tomorrow. 

This combination of moon and sun draws out a strong personality that will draw many people to you. Although you are able to influence others quite easily with strong views and outspoken opinions, you are not influenced by others often.

Taurus Moon creates someone who is set in their ways and is determined to achieve their goals through tactful decisions.   

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The Gemini Moon has a difficult time expressing feelings and avoids being alone. When you add any of the Fire signs to this Moon sign, you magnify the emotional confusion and create someone who has difficulty doing the bare minimum and needs to have multiple things going on at once. If a person has an Earth Sun sign, it's exactly the opposite.

With the Gemini Moon, you’ll be extra emotional but will not know how to express all of these emotions pouring in. Make sure you are aware that these feelings are exaggerated so you don’t upset those around you. 

You’ll also be more nosy than usual, wanting to know every detail about Helena’s breakup or Mike’s new beau. Getting to the bottom of things will be your specialty — you’ll have FBI-level snooping skills due to your determination to figure things out, so use them for good!

Gemini Moon emotions to get the best of you, but don’t worry! You’re level-headed and won’t let things to get too out of hand.

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The Cancer Moon is sensitive and somewhat insecure and lets emotions guide its life. When you combine a Cancer Moon with a Scorpio Sun or a Fire sign you end up with someone who listens to their gut instinct over logic and feels everything deeply via an emotional connection to almost everything.

Your emotional intelligence is through the roof, and your friends (even those you don’t know well) will come to you for advice. You’ll be more introverted than usual, waiting for others to make plans and keeping to yourself, You will still maintain strong opinions about what you like, dislike, love, hate, the school system, career paths, etc. even if you don’t express them.

Don’t be surprised if you get defensive more easily than you usually do. Your sensitivity is magnified by the Cancer Moon so you’re likely more possessive and jealous, too.

Cancer Moon has a way with emotions, and emotions have a way with you, too. Instead of concealing your feelings, you’ll show them and use your feeling to your advantage.

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The Leo Moon is a charming leader that keeps life light and fluffy and has a hard time being serious for very long. With a Leo Moon, you can expect a charismatic personality with set opinions and emotions that are not easily swayed.

Your passion and intense emotions of signs like Scorpio or Aries, create the charm and leadership skills of a Leo, which births a strong force to reckon with. You tend to have a very enthusiastic approach to life, which allows you to do almost anything you set your mind to.

But you still have powerful emotions that can be difficult to contain. The Leo Moon can help you control them, but it will still require effort to keep your emotions from overpowering you in certain situations.

Leo Moon likes to have fun with life and always try to make the best of serious and difficult situations. Your happy-go-lucky personality combined with magnified emotions can mold one strong individual or allow a volcano to erupt — it’s up to you.

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The Virgo Moon is cautious and methodical and likes to analyze every situation. Once you match the Virgo Moon with another zodiac sign in the air or fire category, out emerges someone who is very critical of those around them and aren't keen on letting emotions overpower intellect and logic.

The Virgo moon really undermines the emotions of judgmental or critical zodiac signs, and replaces them with a thirst for knowledge and obsession with details. You won’t see this moon/sun combination comforting others often, but giving logical advice instead. 

You’ll probably only want to be around a few people who are close to you as you can be far too critical of others and a bit judgmental. 

Virgo Moon brings out the brains of an individual and suppresses feelings. You’ll make decisions based on evidence and proof, not emotions, and will be fairly detached to things and people.

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The Libra Moon is peaceful and harmonious and loves to experience life with others rather than alone. Put a Libra Moon with a fire or air zodiac Sun sign and you get someone who cares intensely about others and is very charming and warm.

You’ll want to try new things and visit new places with the people closest to you and always try to avoid confrontation, thanks to the artistic and calm nature of the Libra Moon. But you will also be on the judgmental side of things.

You are in tune with others’ personalities and easily make friends from all cliques and are able to get along with almost anyone. Host a holiday party or plan a date night with other couples!

Libra Moon can befriend anyone who comes their way and love to create harmonious atmospheres. You sincerely care about everyone in your circle. 

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The Sagittarius Moon is free-spirited, goal-oriented, and wants to live life to the fullest. When you add a private or mysterious Sun sign, you create someone who is honest and assertive and doesn't hold back.

With the frankness of a Sagittarius and the bold and commanding attitude of a say, a Scorpio Sun sign, you are one hell of a mix right now. You know what you want, know how to get it, and will stop at nothing to do what you put your mind to. But you also have a tendency to act without thinking, which can get you in trouble. 

You may not notice how your brash temperament affects others and can overlook others’ feeling quite easily if you don’t focus. You can be almost too honest, and your friends may not appreciate it as much as you would. 

Sagittarius Moon is ruled by freedom and emotional assertiveness and a love for integrity. 

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The Capricorn Moon is self-sufficient and controlling and is highly unemotional. When you put a Capricorn Moon with another driven zodiac sign, you end up with a person who is full of self-motivation and relies on practical ideas and uses his or her emotional stability as an advantage.

This moon sign lessens the emotional passion felt by passionate signs and instead gives you the ability to control any emotions you have and use them to fuel your ambitions. You don’t express them, but merely fuse them with patience and self-control, allowing you to unleash them when you need to.

You can also be aggressive at times when your opinion differs from others or when you are put on the spot but come to your senses quickly to avoid an all-out brawl.

Capricorn Moon uses the strong feelings they possess for personal gain but do so in a trustworthy manner.   

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The Aquarius Moon is laid-back and enjoys an unrestricted environment where is can express feeling through actions and allow others to express themselves. Depending on which Sun sign it paired with an Aquarius Moon sign, you have someone who looks calm and collected on the outside but has a constant stream of emotions and ideas flowing through their mind at a rapid speed. 

The Aquarius Moon undermines the aggressive nature of other zodiac signs by bringing in a friendly and tolerant attitude. But strong emotions are still present underneath that sweet layer of polite composition and have strong views and opinions that are hardly expressed. 

When you do decide to let others in on your views, it will be through actions. You feel a need to be upfront and honest and value others who are as well. The friendly atmosphere an Aquarius Moon creates is perfect for influencing others without causing a scene.

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The Pisces Moon is highly intuitive, creative, and possesses a level of sympathy for others that is hard to match. Those ruled by Pisces Moon will likely look at life through an emotional lens, allowing their feelings to guide them. 

You’re an anxious soul who longs to help others.vYou will feel a sense of urgency to help others when you come across someone in need and won’t hesitate to use your insight when determining what each person needs specifically.

Pisces Moon has all of the emotional passion of a Scorpio as well as the sensitivity and intuition of a Pisces to create a helpful hand of a human.

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