The Most Popular Sexy Costumes For Role Play According To Both Men And Women

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New Research Reveals Millennial's Favorite Sexy Role-Play Costumes

By Anka Radakovich

If you've ever wondered which costumes people prefer most when it comes to dressing up in for sexual role-playing scenarios, the findings of a recent study include some fun facts just for you — and right in time for Halloween!

The freshly published 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, "designed to analyze the habits, desires, and preferences of sexually active millennials", surveyed over 3,000 people of all genders between the ages of 24-40 (i.e., those born between 1977-1994) and found that 67 percent of millennials report that they are serious fans of sexy role play.

What is role-playing?

“Sexual roleplay” is typically defined as any sexual activity in which two people (or even three people if you’re lucky) act out their sexual fantasies by dressing up in costume and getting into character in the same way actors do on-set or people do in general on Halloween.

In fact, this may even explain why so many pick-up artists out there preach that Halloween is the easiest night of the year to get laid

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Pretending to be someone else can be fun and can help people overcome inhibitions.

The kinky practice of BDSM, for example, can be considered a form of role play in which one person takes on the role of the Dominant and the other takes on the role of the submissive. Other popular roleplay scenarios include that of the “escort/john” where one partner pretends to be a hooker while the other pretends to be their customer for the evening, as well as scenarios related to what is known as  “age play,” in which two consenting adults pretend that one partner is far younger and more innocent than they are in reality and the other pretends to be far older and wiser.

For many fans of role-playing scenarios, the more socially non-acceptable, taboo, and all-around "wrong" the fantasy would be in real life, the sexier and better it is.

What are the most popular scenarios as ranked among millennials?

The ever-popular "schoolgirl" fantasy was the most popular role-playing scenario selected by men (at 12 percent), while the "Fifty Shades of Grey"-type fantasy rated most popular with women (at 10 percent). For many, the schoolgirl fantasy falls into the larger category of a “uniform fetish,” which could also include either person pretending they are a teacher, police officer, coach, cheerleader, firefighter pilot, flight attendant, and so on.

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Interestingly, this study also broke down people's favorite role-play scenarios according to the respondents' relationship status.

  • Those participants who self-identified as single choose the student/teacher fantasy as their most common number one pick (11 percent).
  • The majority of those who self-identified as being involved in "casual relationships" favored the stripper scenario as their go-to choice (at 12 percent).
  • People who self-identified as being involved in a "serious" committed relationship or married reported that they get most turned on by playing doctor... and nurse, of course (at 9 percent).

So whether you've been trying to make the PERFECT costume selection for Halloween 2017 you've been toying with the idea of trying something a little bit naughty and adventurous in the bedroom, try running some of these super hot ideas by your own partner and get to work planning a night (or several) that neither of you will soon forget!

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