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Awful Details About The Stay-At-Home Dad Who Drowned His 17-Month-Old Daughter To Get Revenge On His Wife For Divorcing Him

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Jeremy Main Makenzie

Just a day before police found the body of his 17-month-old daughter Makenzie Main floating face down in bloody water in the tub of the master bathroom at their Florida home, Jeremy Main changed his Facebook cover photo to a photo of him and her smiling. 

On Monday morning, the 38-year-old who lived in The Villages with his wife and their three daughters drowned the toddler in the tub and tried to kill himself.

He then called his wife Holly and told her he had killed their child. 

The other two girls, who are in their teens, were at school. 

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When the stay-at-home dad was arrested, he was bleeding from the wrists due to the failed suicide attempt. 

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Main's Facebook page is filled with photos of him and his family, including photos of his wife saying "I love my wife, my angel!"

However, Main told police he killed his daughter because his wife was divorcing him. Holly Main had changed her Facebook page to her maiden name. 

“I killed my daughter and failed to kill myself,” he told police. 

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Holly Main's mother, Barbara Northcutt said they had "family issues," but didn't elaborate. 

“I totally never in a million years would guess that he would harm his children,” Jeremy Main's sister, Marnee Weakley said. 

A neighbor remembered Makenzie as a friendly and outgoing little girl. 

"She would always smile and wave hi," Janice Washburn said. "She was just so cute. She was always so happy."

Main has no criminal history and is currently facing first-degree murder. 

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