Harvey Weinstein Exploits, Humiliates And Allegedly Rapes Starlets As Hollywood Men Do Nothing

Are we really surprised?

Harvey Weinstein sex audio tape business insider

Harvey Weinstein!

He’s all ours now. Go, Handmaids. Tear him to bits.

Let’s lay the disclaimers aside at the top, so as to deal with the world and its sensitivities. Rule #1: Men are great and are pure potential. OK. Having said that, let’s move on.

What’s going on in the news today — the Harvey Weinstein incident — basically boils down to this: “Powerful Hollywood Dude Shamelessly Exploits, Humiliates, Allegedly Rapes Starlets as Hollywood Dudes Do Because That’s What’s Always Been. But Whammo, This Time, No Gettin’ Away With It. Meryl Fights the Good Fight While Others Shut Their Pie Holes.”


Get in line, Harv, it’s your turn. Someone always gets caught.

What did we just see with whatshisname? That Cosby guy — Bob something? Oh yeah, Bill, the nasty little rapist-comedian Cosby. And howza bout the Chief P***y Grabber himself, the cheesiest of Cheetos, and author of The Art of the Feel? Having THAT guy around is sure going to make things easier for ol’ Harv, being that the Boys Club’s mysterious roots are deeper than the Illuminati. 

It’s about the slow but sure exposure of everything. Someone’s gotta be the martyr, and today, it’s another human, and this one is the talented and successful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who has probably f*cked his way to the bottom over and over without being noticed.


And why? Because that’s how it’s always been. This new uprising? It’s exactly that: new. Oh yeah, the grabbing of p***y “because you can” concept has cracked open the mindscape of the planet and wow-oh-wow are women starting to understand just how damned important it is to stand your ground and call the damned shots for your own life.

Meryl Streep recently came out against him, stating that his behavior (Weinstein’s) toward women had always been something less than stellar and that news of this was hardly eye-opening. In other words, it's obviously a well-known fact: Weinstein is a pig.

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Streep also felt it important to stress the fact that however hard it is to admit to the public, the women who do report the harassment they endure at the hands of “powerful men” are heroes for doing so. Apparently, Weinstein was known for his hyper-bully behavior and his intimidating demeanor to men and women alike.


So, why would Meryl Streep publicly state that the women who come forth and speak out against Weinstein are heroes? Because she knows the business, and no doubt she’s seen it all.

Hey, she’s Meryl Streep. So, it comes out that this mega star-maker is also a known lecherous creep who thinks he can always get what he wants, because that’s how it is with the boys, yada yada. Well, Meryl isn't having that. 

We always forget that talent —even genius — does not a good person make. Hey, for that matter, throw in good looks. You can be a scumbag in one department and a freaking rainbow unicorn of happy candy in another One doesn’t cancel the other out. Look at Mel Gibson; what a steaming bag of GET AWAY FROM ME he is. Yet, Apocalypto was one of my favorite movies. If I held on to hating him, I guess I’d never see it.


The Harvey Weinstein sex audio tape, recorded during an NYPD sting operation, where he admits to groping and assaulting an unnamed woman.

And how about everybody’s least favorite nebbish of ‘em all, Woody Allen? He brings in a universal wave of shudders as his name is said. The Blegh is just about unbearable; it’s so ruinous in his case. And the irony? He’s as respected and revered as ever. We can’t even think about the sex abuse allegations made against him without feelings sick , so let’s not even go over it.

Same with the man who made pedophilia a household word, Roman Polanski. Digging the little girls never really stopped that old fearless vampire killer; it just relocated him so that he could have a lifetime of making great films in other countries that don't care about prosecuting him for that little Quaalude incident in that Hollywood hot tub so many years ago.


The thing is, change is only going to happen if women make it happen. Men who are conscious and awakened will follow along and add their support, but it is up to women to make their laughter loud when they are presented with the Great Lie, “It’s a Man’s World.” It’s up to women to do the equalizing.

So, at the end of the day, in the courtroom or whatever public spectacle set for mass humiliation is created for him, he, the Harvey, comes in with the stupid lawyer-guided apologies, the contrition, the “woe is me, hey, in my day we were just pigs and that was OK!” act.

Do you know that if we actually say 'no, apology not accepted' things end? It’s true. Funny how that works.

So, why then do not all men and women who knew Harvey (and knew what he was up to) rat him out? 


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They might have loyalties that they feel are greater than their loyalties to women at large. Whatever they fear, it’s tied to their own story and more than likely the bottom line is as per usual: money. Harvey made them money, and they either feel obligated (another trap) or they want to hold out in case there’s more money to be made.

Fire him? Make him suffer? Oh, believe me, it’s all a show. He’s a martyr now, he must be made an example of. Do we think there are many men on the rich, Hollywood inside that actually care that this guy is punished? Hell no, they’re just sweatin’, seeing how it’s not them and might have been.

Here’s the deal. As I write this, I feel power. Yes. I feel strong and secure in knowing my voice is my own, and that it can possibly help.


While "standing one’s ground" is an expression associated with gun laws, I say it because it’s the best example of what women should feel when it comes to their rights, and how they should be the ones to decide what’s rightful to them. I was born understanding this, but I see that many of my friends, all women who were born in the 50s, 60s and 70s, are intrinsic to the cultural mindset of being a second-class citizen.

Today it’s stupid Harvey who didn’t get the memo that this sh*t is not up for talk anymore, and that the only talk that’s worthwhile on the topic is the talk coming from women’s mouths as they stand together, unafraid, and ready to finally claim their birthright as women — meaning the right to be alive.

Screw the "equal" thing; this isn’t a competition as to who stays put.

Women don’t have to work to be equal, especially if they’re being equal to a gender that automatically assumes they’re not worth much, and certainly worth whatever it takes to harass, grope, dribble on, fondle, jizz your pants over while she’s standing there in your office, humiliated and afraid to look uncool ‘cause she’s so conflicted from the billion stories that enter her mind, confusing her more and more.


Until one day... she breaks. And when she breaks, she will then be a Viking Queen, and by then, you’ll have missed all your chances.

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Want to know another universal truth? Nobody likes to be humiliated, taken advantage of, demeaned, assumed tolerant, and assumed stupid.


When a woman is put into a position where so much of her life, her career is at stake, and a man of power manipulates the situation into something where she feels forced into a sexual situation with him, she is at a crossroads where she chooses to become invisible or shine like a beacon.

She has the right to say no. Her voice needs to be heard. As does mine, as does yours. Women need to get real about this; change won't happen if we leave it to men to make the rules.

So, who’s Harvey then? Another stinky fidgety man, in the vein of Hugh Hefner, who can do a world of good and a world of bad in one note. Another man of high-ranking power who is surrounded by women who, though talented commodities, are still nothing but objects for a man's sexual enjoyment.

But let’s not forget the absolute: This is all entertainment. Harvey’s up. Tomorrow, the world.



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