15 Hidden Red Flags On Social Media That Can Tell You If A Guy Is Cheating

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social media signs he's cheating

Facebook can show you his true face.

You can learn a lot from a person via their online presence, and that’s why so many people take a look at a potential date’s Facebook or Instagram before they decide to book a restaurant reservation. A good look at someone’s social media can easily tell you if they are a Nice Guy™ or if they are really unstable.

However, there are still some hidden social media signs he's cheating that you might not know about or might be overlooking. Here are some of the biggest ones to watch out for.

1. His Facebook name doesn’t match up with his real one.

Oof, this is a classic cheater move, particularly with guys who need to cheat with a lot of women. This is a sign that it may be a spoof account, and that his real one has his actual girlfriend on it.

2. You notice a lot of memes, many of which are too youthful for his age.

When it comes to media, we are what we consume. If he’s consuming nothing but stuff you’d expect to see a high schooler digging, expect that level of maturity. Even so, this is more of a yellow flag in some cases. There’s nothing wrong with someone who’s young at heart.

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3. Most of his photos are in nightclubs and concerts.

If he’s not done living the wild life, chances are pretty high that he’s looking for Ms. Right Now rather than Mrs. Right. Besides, most club guys tend to be players due to the party lifestyle they pursue.

4. He posts things that sound pretty extreme over politics.

For many women, seeing extreme political or extreme religious stuff is a pretty obvious red flag, but not for all. Make no mistake about it: extremism of any kind is a sign of a very unhealthy mindset. So, if you notice this, make a point of avoiding him as a date.

5. His posts have a lot of thirsty girls commenting on him.

I’ve learned that guys who tend to make social media into “thirst fuel” for girls tend to be very disloyal. As a general rule of thumb, a guy who makes a point of being modelesque and half naked in most of his shots should be approached with caution. (Unless he’s legit a male model.)

6. Or, it seems like he’s abnormally close with one particular girl.

It could be that she’s literally just a friend, but if you notice heart emojis and lots of cutesy comments, it could be that he’s a player.

7. Violent memes or hashtags also are a pretty bad sign.

Job recruiter sites actually pointed out that people who post violent memes or hashtags tend to be far more likely to commit office violence than those who don’t. It’s pretty safe to say that this will also translate over into their relationships, so avoid violent-sounding social media posters like the plague.

8. He posts lots of humblebrags, or tweets out passive-aggressive statuses.

If he’s passive-aggressive online, then he’ll definitely be passive-aggressive in person. And since passive-aggression isn’t a healthy form of communication, it’s a sign he’s a waste of time.

9. All his favorite movies are sexist.

There’s nothing wrong with loving House Bunny, but if all his favorite movies in social media involve a sexist attitude, you should be worried. There’s a very good chance that sexism probably will end up finding its way into any potential relationship he tries to have.

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10. He’s super gloomy, or regularly posts nothing but hyper-upbeat inspirational posts.

If his social media profile is very negative, it could be a sign that he’s very depressed. Believe it or not, seeing a barrage of social media posts involving motivational posts could also be a sign of depression.

In many cases, people who overuse inspirational posts are trying to hide that they aren’t doing too well or are being inauthentic. Either way, too much happy or sad is not a good sign.

11. He follows questionable people on social media.

You can always tell a lot about a person when you look at who they follow on social media. If you notice he follows a lot of porn stars, or that a lot of his followers were involved in weird stuff, you need to hit the pause button for a moment. Ask yourself why he would associate with these people.

More often than not, we follow who we know, find sexy, or emulate, so if you don’t like who he’s looking up on social media, it may not be worth pursuing him.

12. He’s getting into online arguments left and right.

Can we say Drama King? We can say Drama King. If he does this, he’s a drama king.

13. The photos look old or seem heavily produced.

Beware of men who don’t post new photos of themselves, and beware of men who seem too good to be true. If you aren’t sure if he’s a real person, search his pics up on Google to see if he’s legit. Both suggest that they may not be who they say they are.

14. He’s always online, or he’s going dark for ridiculously long blocks of time.

Guys who are always online don’t have many friends, and that’s cause for concern. After all, if he’s so great, why doesn’t anyone want to hang out with him? If he’s going dark for ridiculously long bouts of time, it’s often one of the social media signs he's cheating; he is probably married and looking for a side piece with the social media handles he gave you.

15. His friends never comment or like anything he posts.

Believe it or not, this is a good sign of a spoof account. Guys who are hard into being players will often buy fake friends as a way to make his profiles look legit. 

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