These 8 Adventurous Sex Positions Are NOT For The Faint Of Heart

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8 Best Crazy Sex Positions For Flexible People

By Hannah Hickock

Slow, lazy sex on a rainy Sunday morning or tried-and-true positions that get the job done are necessary for a satisfying sex life, IMHO. They’re efficient, fun, and—hey, I’ll say it—easy.

At least, easier than contorting yourself into a position that looks like it belongs in an advanced-level yoga class and trying to sync up with your partner so you can both get pleasure during the (complicated) deed.

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And yet. Don’t you ever have those moments—even if they’re few and far between—when you just want to do something a little crazy?

I’ll be real: For me, it happened recently when I was watching an epic “Game of Thrones” sex scene. I was like, um, I feel like the most boring sexual being on the face of the earth compared to what these characters are doing. 

But despite being turned on, I wasn’t quite sure how to translate that motivation to try something new between the sheets with my fiancé. After all, no one (or at least most people I know) don’t have mental encyclopedias of sex positions—especially new ones—they can whip out and execute on command.

So, instead of trying to come up with the spontaneous, creative genius of a sex master or memorize outside-the-box new positions to test out with your S.O., we came up with a shortlist of crazy positions that are 100 percent worth the attempt.

Yes, they’ll take some extra physical effort—but the challenge looks not only fun, but could be so worth it if you discover that it takes you to a whole new pleasure level.

We also got some pointers from pro sexologist Emily Morse, Ph.D., host of the Sex With Emily podcast, because these positions are definitely tricky, and we don’t want anyone injuring themselves too badly in the name of getting off. Click through to get tips for your next wild romp.


"This is a fun version of 69 best built for someone who is very flexible and likely logged many hours on her yoga mat. Place a pillow under the head of the person who is upside down for comfort and have the other partner sit on a pillow, tilting their pelvis as far forward as possible," says Morse.

"The person sitting up straight has full access to all parts of the vulva, vagina, and butt, while the person standing on her head has great access to the other’s clitoris. Plus, the extra blood rushing to the head makes for a crazy orgasm."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

2. Little Dipper

Whoever's on top is getting an arm working with this one, using a couch, bed, or chair to lift yourself up and down on top of the bottom partner's penis, sex toy, or strap-on.

The bottom partner can also use his or her hands to manually stimulate the top partner—or to help him or her move up and down when those arms get tired.

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

3. Sockets

"This position is great for two women because it makes for efficient coital alignment to maximize pleasure," says Morse.

"The sockets position allows the labias and clitori to stimulate each other, otherwise known as tribbing. The person on her back can move up and down while the person on her side can move side to side."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

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4. Worm

"This position is similar to reverse cowgirl, but with the receiver laying all the way forward with the legs extended all the way back," says Morse.

"A small clitoral vibe can be used by the receiver to stimulate themselves. The receiver can also stimulate their partner’s perineum with their hands or with a vibrating penis ring—I like the We-Vibe Verge—designed to pleasure the perineum that will also stimulate the clitoris in this position."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

5. Twister

"Similar to the socket position, both women are on their sides facing each other, but laying opposite directions. This is probably the most comfortable and easiest way to trib because both partners have stability and are as close as possible," says Morse.

"Be sure to add a water-based lube, like System JO’s H20, because grinding can cause friction, reducing wetness."

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

6. Bumper Cars

With both partners lying face-down, one should position their pelvis and legs on top of the other's (for couples involving one or two males, a man should be on top). Just be careful, as again, this puts the penis at a bit of an unnatural angle—though the friction can feel amazing.

Lesbian couples can get creative, each masturbating simultaneously with individual vibrators, or having the top partner use a strap-on or other toy to thrust and achieve penetration.

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

7. Golden Gate

This is the most challenging version of 69 you'll probably find: The visuals make it pretty self-explanatory, but it requires major upper arm and back strength on the part of the top partner.

*Gay and hetero-friendly

8. Reverse Pile Driver

Top partners can comfortably thrust and control the pace of the action in this position, but need to be mindful of bottom partners who are contorted into a super-stretch. That said, the angle can be ideal for G-spot stimulation, so give it a go if you're up for it.

*Gay, lesbian, and hetero-friendly

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