20 Empowering Quotes And Art By Social Activist Pheobe Wahl

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Her unique (and beautiful) way of change the world for the better.

Phoebe Wahl is an artist who uses art to push social change. She creates beautiful body positivity, Black Lives Matter, and same-sex marriage themed sketches and artwork pieces. She shares her work on Instagram and other forms of social media and in public when participating in social causes.

Sure, she draws little wood nymphs and fairies, flowers, and winter scenes, but that is certainly not all.

In fact, you might only notice her pretty little fairy drawings after you see the rest of her artwork.

In a world where it feels like everyone is butting heads, it’s important not to forget what’s most important: acceptance and love.

It feels like every day we wake up and we have to hear something new about how our right to be who we want and stand up for those who need it is being compromised.

Instagram: phoebewahl

So many times do we hear the word no in the world today and so often does it feel like we need to fight even harder for what’s just.

But even if we don’t actively fight every single day, expressing to our friends, family, and strangers (and ourselves) where we stand on the issues we hear about every day is just as essential to seeing change and letting others know that we support them.

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Take the Black Lives Matter movement, for example. Some people are out there fighting tooth and nail every day for the basic human rights our POC friends and family deserve, while others support it in other ways. This might be through writing articles, selling merchandise to support POC in need, and even making art.


Phoebe creates art that is provoking and honest. She doesn't try to fluff her messages up with anything more than what it really is; opinionated and beautiful.

When I first saw Phoebe's art and sketches, I was taken aback by how unique it was. I have always been a fan of interesting, different art, and I truly believe that Phoebe is an artist that is in a league of her own.

Not only that, but I absolutely support and believe in the message that I think she is trying to bring to her audience to understand why we need social change

Her art ranges from the pretty and mystical, like those pesky little fairies and wood nymphs, to political and important issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement and families with same-sex couples.

When I personally look at Phoebe's art, I think of love, acceptance, and wanting to feel welcome no matter who you are and no matter who your friends and family are. But Phoebe shows her audience that love and acceptance aren't just for your neighbors or strangers.

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She proves that love is important for yourself, as well. With artwork that shows chubby, curvy, beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes, she shows that no matter what you look like you are worthy of love, both from other people, but most importantly from yourself.


Body positivity is something that people are continuously embracing in today's world, which is amazing and awesome, and Phoebe supports that completely.

I would love to talk about her art all day because I truly believe she is an incredibly talented artist, but don't just take it from me, take it from the beautiful pieces of art that we have found so that you can see for yourself.

You can also find Phoebe Wahl's artwork on her Tumblr, online shop and Instagram account.

On finding the strength within you.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"When I swim, I love my body. It feels strong, yet weightless. It feels supported and free." Phoebe Wahl


On fighting injustice.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." — Martin Luther King, Jr.


On being a warrior.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

You can be a warrior no matter who you are.


On practicing the art of loving yourself.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Practice radical self love." — Phoebe Wahl


On finding beauty in different places.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

Wood nymphs and fairies in a procession in the woods.


On loving every inch of your body.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"When I am dancing, I love my body. I am reminded of my solid presence on the Earth. Of how I can stomp and shake and jiggle." — Phoebe Wahl


On picking your valentine.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Bee my honey." — Phoebe Wahl


On showing off your beauty.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

Enjoying the beautiful weather in your favorite bathing suit. A painting by Phoebe Wahl.


On making the rules.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"My body, my choice." — Phoebe Wahl


On the beauty of a magical world.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

Tiny fairies making flowers their home.


On supporting local businesses.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

Supporting your local farmers market.


On being there for trans children as they learn who they are.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Protect trans children." — Phoebe Wahl


On putting in the work.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Work hard every day at loving yourself." — Phoebe Wahl


On loving love.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

A beautiful couple celebrating their love.


On supporting people of color.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Black Lives Matter." — Phoebe Wahl


On the romance of nighttime.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"Have you ever awoke on a bimulous night to find the full moon shining bright and heard wafting through summer air a tinkle of music here and there?" — Phoebe Wahl


On connecting with nature.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

A winter queen feeding her animals in the forest.


On celebrating family.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

Another beautiful couple spending time with their child.


On becoming inspired by yourself.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

"When I am creating, I love my body. It reminds me that I have the power to define myself in other ways." — Phoebe Wahl


On what you can find in the woods.
Photo: Instagram: phoebewahl

A small fairy resting on a mushroom cap.

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