6 Game-Changing Bras That Are Supportive AND Beautiful

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6 Best Bras For Big Boobs That Are Supportive And Beautiful

By Tamekia Reece

Let’s face it: As we get older, our breasts don’t sit up as nicely as they did when we were in our 20s. You can blame their loss of elasticity and the pull of gravity. But many things factor into when and how much sagging you'll experience, including your genes.

“The strength and integrity of your breast tissue are primarily coded in your DNA, which comes from your parents,” says Ryan Neinstein, MD, a plastic surgeon in New York City. So looking to your mom may give you a clue of what to expect.

Significant weight changes, whether gain or loss, can also contribute. So can smoking and other habits that lead to loss of elasticity in the skin, such as sun damage.

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Breastfeeding is a culprit, too, but not for the reasons you may think. “As the milk-producing part of the breasts swell with breastfeeding, they stretch the tissues around them,” Neinstein says. So it’s those changes—and not the actual suctioning from the baby—that can cause breasts to be less firm after nursing.

Whatever the cause, if your girls are looking a little down, you probably desire a lift. While there’s no long-term way to hoist them up sans surgery, your bra can help give you a temporary boost.

And best of all, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. These bras will have your breasts sitting pretty, and they’re comfy, to boot.

Wacoal Intuition Push Up Bra

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Yes, a t-shirt bra can make your girls look perky! This one has a deep plunge and smooth seamless foam cups that give breasts a forward push. The result: super sexy cleavage. Even better, there’s a wired and wire-free version. Available in 30B-38D.

Pro tip: “It’s important to get professionally fitted by a bra expert who is familiar with all of the bra brands and how each one fits,” says Lisa Curbello, owner of The Bra Chick in Boerne, Texas. She’s been doing bra fittings for more than 23 years and says about 85% of the women who come in are wearing the wrong size!

If you’re purchasing a bra online and can’t do an in-person fitting, check out the measuring guidelines for that specific brand to help find a good fit.

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Maidenform Comfort Devotion Lace Back Push-Up Bra

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This bra has underwire cups and plush padding to give your breasts some oomph, but it’s still lightweight. It has convertible straps and can be worn the traditional way or as a racerback. Available in 32A-38D. 

Pro Tip: Don’t stay stuck on one size. “All styles and brands have different fit standards, so you may very well wear two or three sizes, depending on the manufacturing and materials,” says Elisabeth Dale, founder of The Breast Life and author of The Bra Zone: How to Find Your Ideal Size, Style, and Support. So try on different sizes and styles until you find the fit that’s right for you.

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Bali Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra

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You get a two-for-one deal with this bra: lift from underneath the cups and the sides. So not only do your breasts go up, but they also move forward. The shoulder straps and underwires are padded, so you get comfortable all-day support with figure-flattering lift. Available in 34B-42DDD.

Pro Tip: Your twins have sisters! If you find a bra that’s just right in one area (the band, for instance) but a little too small or too big in the other (cup size), give your bra’s “sister sizes” a try.

Sister sizes are basically one size up or down from your actual size. “If you’re going down a band size, you will have to go up a cup in order to get the same fit,” Dale says. And if you go up a band size, you’ll need to move down one cup size, she adds. So, for example, if you normally wear a 34C, a 32D and a 36B would be your bra’s sister sizes.

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Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Wirefree Bra

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Don’t think you have to give up your dreams of the perfect boob-boosting bra just because underwires aren’t your thing. “Technology in bras has come a long way,” Curbello says. “Many new styles are able to give the separation, shape, and lift without an underwire,” she says.

This one provides support from the bottom up, giving you a natural lift. And its straps are wide, adjustable, and cushioned to prevent slipping, sliding and digging in. So you’re in for a super comfortable wear with a little bit of sexy. Available in 36B-46DDD.

Pro Tip: The straps and band on your bras stretch out over time. “If your band is riding up between your shoulder blades, then gravity will naturally start to do its thing up front, leading to sagging, baggy breasts,” says Curbello. So make adjustments periodically.

You may need to close your band on a tighter hook, loosen the straps a bit, or if you’re already on the tightest closure hook, it may be time to go bra shopping.

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Glamorise Magic Lift Bra

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This is another wire-free bra for full-figured women. It has foam-cushioned bands that cross over and under the cup to lift, separate, and support the breasts. The wide, cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps won’t dig into your shoulders or slide down your arms all day. And the wide bottom band prevents the bra from riding up. Available in 36B-56J.

Pro Tip: The way you treat your bras can determine how well (and how long) they lift your bosom. Hand washing and air-drying are best, but even if you can’t wash them by hand, Dale warns to keep them out of the dryer. “High heat destroys delicate lace and elastic, ruining the shape of the cups and making them much less supportive,” she says.

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Soma Enticing Lift Strappy Unlined Balconet Bra

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“If your breasts are less firm, try moving into a demi-cup or balconette style to give you that more rounded, ‘muffin top’ look,” says Dale. (Don’t worry, a muffin top in this area is a good thing!) This balconette bra lifts like a push-up, but it doesn’t have an underwire or any padding. That means you get mega boost without discomfort. The straps can be worn the traditional way or in a crisscross style, so it will work with a variety of tops. Another plus: Its pretty lace is flat, so it’s undetectable under clothing. Available in 32B-40G.

Pro Tip: There are tons of bras available to fit any budget, but try not to bypass a bra immediately based on its price tag. “It’s worth spending a little more on a perfectly-fitting, high-quality bra that will give you the lift you want and the comfort you need,” Curbello says.

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This article was originally published at Prevention. Reprinted with permission from the author.