33 Unanswered Questions I Have For The Guy Who Cheated On Me

Photo: unsplash / aj colores
33 Questions People Who've Been Cheated On Want Answered

What did I do wrong?

When someone cheats, it not only ruins the relationship, it ruins the person who was cheated on as well.

Sure, I can scream, cry, throw things and break up with your sorry ass, but I’m still left with permanent scars that will impact all of my future relationships and my ability to trust other people. So, thanks for that.

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So I’m moving on, but for the sake of my sanity, I have a few questions I’d like answered… 

1. Why didn’t you just dump me if you were gonna cheat?

2. I mean did you like just having me as an option?

3. How long was it actually going on before I found out?

4. Did you know you were gonna cheat the whole time?  

5. Did you ever actually feel guilty about it?

6. Were there moments where you thought of her when I was with you.  

7. Or worse, did you think of her when you were with me?

8. Like were you snapping and texting her, in my presence?

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9. How could you just look me in the eyes every day and lie?

10. Did you not feel any sort of remorse?

11. Especially when you made me feel like an asshole for even questioning you.

12. You couldn’t actually have meant it when you said I love you. 

13. Was I not good enough in bed?

14. Or was she better? 

15. Why didn’t you just date her if that was the case?

16. Or was I the one who was girlfriend material?

17. And was she just some side chick

18. Or did you tell her you loved her too?

19. Do you love her?  

20. Or was life with me just that bad that you needed to have fun in her pants?

21. How many people did you cheat with? 

22. Or was it just her? 

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23. Was I not good enough to be respected?

24. What did I do wrong?

25. And could I have changed anything?   

26. Did you actually think you could get away with it forever? 

27. Did you actually mean it when you said “sorry? and I was crying? 

28. Or were you just sorry you got caught? 

29. Could we have fixed it or worked through it? 

30. If you could go back in time would you change anything? 

31. Would you even answer that honestly?

32. Do you ever miss me? 

33. Do you regret it?

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