When You Should Move In Together If You Want Your Relationship To Last

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New Research Reveals The Best Time To Move In With Your Boyfriend

By Nicole Yi

How soon after getting together with your girlfriend/boyfriend is too soon to move in? 

ForRent.com's recent survey revealed the ideal period of dating during which to share the keys with your SO, and the results were pretty surprising. In addition to finding out the best time to move in together, the survey also concluded how the length of cohabitation can impact the future of your relationship, as well as other interesting stats. See them below!

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How long should you date before living together?

  • 33 percent said after marriage
  • 25 percent said one to two years
  • 23.8 percent said six months to one year
  • 12 percent said less than six months
  • 10.6 percent said two to three years
  • 4.6 percent said more than three years
  • 2.8 percent said depends on the situation

What cohabitation could lead to

Within one year of living together:

  • 67 percent stayed living together
  • 19 percent got married
  • 19 percent became pregnant
  • 14 percent broke up

Within three years of living together:

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  • 40 percent got married
  • 32 percent stayed living together
  • 27 percent broke up

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Is cohabitation getting more common?

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.