Sad Details And Video Reveal The Moment A Pregnant Woman Lost Her Baby When Kicked In Stomach By Abusive Boyfriend Days Before Due Date

The 19-year-old is angry that her boyfriend wasn't charged with murder or child destruction.

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On April 16, 2016, at 9 months pregnant, Jessy Johnson lost her unborn daughter, Mila, when her child's father, Stuart Samson, attacked her in a bar and kicked her in the stomach. He was angry she had left him alone. 

Afterwards, he chillingly whispered in the ear for her not to call an ambulance because they would call social services and the baby would be taken away.

Though patrons helped her get back on her feet, Johnson left the bar with her attacker and went to her mother's home.


"Stuart had to carry me to my mum's but he didn't believe I was in pain and kept calling me a drama queen," she said. 

The next day — which was only five days from her due date — she didn't feel the baby kick. 

When she couldn't find her baby's heartbeat on a monitor she had at home, she went to the hospital where she learned her baby had died. 

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Here's the heartbreaking video of the moment Johnson lost her child when her boyfriend kicked her. Warning: it is disturbing. 


A few days later, doctors induced labor and had Johnson deliver Mila stillborn on April 21. At first, she didn't tell anyone except her best friend because she was so ashamed. 

'I had everyone coming up and saying, 'not long now' and I had to go along with it. It was horrible."

Before the incident, Johnson had been warned by family, friends and even social services to stay away from Samson.


She said she didn't because she believed things would get better and he would stop being abusive

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When she was just 16, Johnson met Samson though family (he would have been about 32 at the time).

After only a few months, she noticed he would become a different person when he was drunk and soon after he became violent. 

"This often led to full-on fist-fights where I would have to run out of his house to relatives," she said. "But I always went back."

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Johnson didn't report the attack that killed Mila until her boyfriend assaulted her again in February of 2017 — he punched her in the face and chipped her tooth. 


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After he was arrested, Samson pleaded guilty to two offenses of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was sentenced to two years and nine months in jail.

Even though the jury heard about the attack that killed Mila, Johnson said the prosecutors still didn't see her stillborn child as human.


She thinks he should have been charged with murder or child destruction. 

‘He only pleaded guilty to get a lesser sentence and he showed no remorse at court from what I saw," she said.

"The prosecution told me because the baby had not been born they didn’t see her as being human — even though she was full-term."


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