4 Terrible New Details About How Holly Bobo Died That Were Revealed In The First Day Of Tennessee Nursing Student's Murder Trial

She was abducted and killed outside of her Tennessee home in 2011.

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On April 13, 2011, Holly Bobo went missing. 

Her brother, Clint Bobo, called police after he found blood outside the home they both lived in with their family in Tennessee.

He told officers he saw his sister being led by a man into the woods near their house around 7:30 a.m., but thought it was her boyfriend. 

Holly never returned, and three years later, two men found her remains 400 yards into those woods. 


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Multiple arrests were made prior to the 20-year-old's body being discovered, and the murder trial for Zachary Adams began Sept. 11. He pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping, rape and murder charges. 


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During the first day of the trial, prosecutor Paul Hagerman alleged that Adams admitted and bragged about drugging, kidnapping, raping and ultimately killing Bobo to his friend, Jason Autry.

Autry is a key witness for prosecutors, but Hagerman said they have statements Adams bragged about the crime to others.

Adams' defense claims police pinned the crime on him after still being unable to solve the case even after receiving an overwhelming amount of information and tip. 

They say Adams kidnapped and raped Bobo with the help of Shayne Austin and Dylan Adams. 

Austin died of an apparent suicide in 2015. 

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Because the case gained national attention and cost the district a lot of money, the defense alleges that the state pressured Zach Adams' brother, Dylan Adams, into a confession. No physical evidence was found linking Zach Adams to Holly Bobo. 

Still, police believe Adams is their guy, and the prosecution released some disturbing details about Holly Bobo's murder during the first day of the trial: 

1. Zach Adams allegedly told Jason Autry that he was going to "gut" Bobo. 

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In the prosecution's opening statements, they said Adams asked Autry to help him get rid of Bobo's body after he raped her. 

Adams told his friend that he was going to "gut" the girl so she wouldn't float to the surface of the Tennessee River. 

2. Bobo was allegedly still alive when Adams had her in his car. 

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After raping her, the prosecution said Adams wrapped Bobo in a blanket and put her in his car, thinking she was dead. 

When she made a noise, Adams shot her in the head. 

3. Zach Adams bragged about murdering her. 

The prosecution reiterated Adams' own alleged words in describing how he bragged about the crime; "I couldn't have picked a prettier b---h." 


4. Holly Bobo's mother taught her daughter's killer when they were kids. 


Karen Bobo took the stand and collapsed when she was shown items that belonged to her daughter. A second-grade teacher, Karen also told the jurors that she taught both Zach Adams and Jason Autry in school. 

"Everything was normal [that morning]," Karen Bobo said. "I told her goodbye and I loved her." 


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