This Is How Nazis Are Made

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how we raise boys with toxic masculinity

Hatred, violence, bigotry, racism, toxic masculinity isn’t something you are born with. They are carefully taught.” And when you get just the right blend of that toxic stew—it sows the seed for ideologies like White Supremacy and Nazism to take hold.

It’s a long path, these careful teachings of hatred. No, not everyone who goes through one bad teachable moment will turn toxic. But it’s embedded in our culture. And a clown, a literal clown, Sanduhruh on Twitter, gives us a glimpse of how these teaching moments happen.

How social norms push boys into what we call the “Man-Box“, and how ultimately those rigid social norms can spread and cause harm—to boys, children, the adults they grow into, and to society at large.

“Online radicalization” is what we call the process by which hate groups recruit people into their organization—and hate groups prey on those who are most vulnerable, most often young, disenfranchised men.

How do these young men become vulnerable? They are taught. Carefully taught at an early age.

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Read the tweet stream to discover how. 

We need to open up the rigid norms of masculinity. Our future is at stake.

This article was originally published at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.