The 10 BEST Workout Playlists On Spotify For A Killer Gym Sesh

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10 Best Workout Playlists On Spotify

By Ryan Roschke

A strong beat and a heavy baseline are the perfect fuel for dominating a workout. There's just one problem: if you're someone who works out quite a bit, you're going to get burnt out on your playlists pretty fast. Hell, that's why we've already made a Summer playlist so you can move on from all those Spring jams.

Luckily, we have a solution for all those of you that are hungry for new workout playlists. Spotify is a veritable gold mine of fitness music inspiration, and we've compiled a solid list of lists for all kinds of workouts.

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The best part is that some of these update every week, meaning you can come back to them over and over again.

1. "Workout Mix"


If you want a standard, no frills playlist of solid workout bops, this is exactly the playlist for you.

2. "Summer 2017"


The best fuel is the hottest, most up-to-date music the industry has to offer. If you get burnt out on songs easily, you can keep coming back here.

3. "Unbreakable Workout"


Do you want to feel completely invincible, like you could push through anything? Get all up in this powerful pump-up list.

4. "Running Tempo"


Not every pop song is fit for a run. If you're looking for that steady rhythm that will carry you through, this one's for you.

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5. "Viral Hits 2017"

Every year, there are those golden jams that positively leap to the top of the charts because they're just that addicting. These are the songs you just can't stop listening to . . . and that means you won't be able to stop pumping it while you do.

6. "Fitness Kettlebell Workout"


If you're trying to amp up for a kettlebell workout (or something of equal intensity), you might want to really kick it up with this.

7. "Pride"


For LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Spotify enlisted dozens of music artists to curate playlists to match the theme "Pride." Little Mix's list is perfect because it's filled to the brim with so much classic and contemporary pop realness.

8. "Girl Power Breakup Mix"

Going through a breakup and trying to find the motivation to work out? This should get you going! Channel all that rage into a power-packed and sweaty afternoon.

9. "Running Workout"


While the previous running playlist is all about keeping that perfect tempo, this one's all about blasting it. When the beat drops in a remix, you can really hit that sprint!

10. "Hit Remixes 2017"
Sometimes today's pop hits simply don't hit hard enough. That's the best part about a remix: it'll take any song from 0 to 100 in mere seconds. Amp it up.

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