The 4 Different Types Of Ben Wa Balls And How To Use Them For Explosive Orgasms

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types of ben wa balls

I didn't get into sex toys until I was in college.

Now that I write that, I guess that's pretty normal. When you're a teenager you can't really get into sex shops until you turn 18 and even if you are sneaky and use an Amazon account the chances are high that your parental units will find your sex toys and (god help us) try to talk to you about them.

My first sex toy was a fairly small standard dildo, and I thought it was so edgy and cool. I thought that would be as far down the rabbit hole of sex toys that I'd go, but I had no idea. If you had shown me a set of ben wa balls at this point in time I would have melted in shame.

Now, when it comes to ben wa balls, the shameful thing is how I cannot stop singing their praises.

Here's the thing about ben wa balls, they are more than a sex toy. They are also a great tool to help keep your vagina and your pelvic floor muscles in great shape.

You can use them for health, you can use them for fun, and you can use them for both. 

However, before you go shopping for things to shove gleefully up inside you, it's important that you know what you're shopping for. 

There are 4 major types of ben wa balls, and I've listed them below, along with a quickie description of who might want to use them and how to use each one for best results. 

I wish you and your vagina a world of fun and muscle building — preferably both at the same time! 

1. Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

If you're scoping out ben wa balls because you think they might become your next go-to sex toy, then vibrating balls (lol, that's what she said, I'm sorry I had to) are the way to go. 

These two connected balls include a vibrator inside of each sphere. 

Both balls are inserted into your vagina and are then controlled through a connected wire (a hassle, difficult to clean and kind of makes you feel like a robot). 

The other option for vibrating ben wa balls is a remote control or hands-free device. I say go this way. It will cost you more money, sure, but frankly when it comes to good, quality sex toys I said spend the cash: these things are going inside of your body, for pete's sake.

Plus it can be a heck of a lot of fun having your partner control the hands-free vibrating ben wa balls.  

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2. Kegel Ben Wa Balls

If you are interested in using ben wa balls to strength your pelvic floor by doing weighted Kegel exercises, I say this is the best way to go.

Kegel ben wa balls are often slightly larger than the average ben wa ball designed for play, and they are often more rigid. 

Trust me, you want it rigid (again, that is what she said and this time I am not even remotely sorry). 

These balls are larger and harder (...okay I won't) because they contain weights. 

To use them, insert both balls and perform your Kegel exercises as usual. The weights will strength your muscles like gangbusters. 

The best Kegel ben wa balls actually come with weights of increasing size so that you can bulk up your vagina strength as you go. 

3. Duotone Ben Wa Balls

If you're a beginner and you want to try ben wa balls as a sex toy or a Kegel exercise, you can't go wrong with a duotone ball.

These are smaller and more lightweight. They are often made of glass and covered in silicone. 

These balls each contain a separate smaller ball. When this second balls rolls around it creates a vibrating sensation. 

Insert the balls one at time into your vagina. Flex the muscles you would flex if you were trying not to pee. See how that sensation feels to you. 

If it feels good, explore it as a sex toy: keep them in while stimulating your clitoris or even while you are having sex — just make sure your partner knows and is keen to help you play.

If it feels fine but nothing amazing, you might find more use from the ball as Kegel exercisers. 

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4. String Ben Wa Balls

Okay let's get this out there — you can't get anything "lost" inside of your vagina.

It's stopped up by your cervix and ain't nothing getting past them except a baby and even that goes down in the other direction.

To that end, it is perfectly fine to insert two, separate ben wa balls into your vagina.

However, if you aren't comfortable with that idea, you can absolutely find a pair that are connected either with silicone or with an actual string.

These make the balls easier to retrieve but more difficult to retrieve.

I say, if you us OB tampons and don't stress about it, go string free. But if you need a tampon with an applicator, start off with a string pair. 

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