What A (Totally Ripped) CrossFit Athlete Eats In A Day

Plus, how she stays full AND happy.

What Crossfit Athlete And Big Brother Star Christmas Abbott Eats In A Day weheartit

By Jenny Sugar

If you've seen CrossFit star Christmas Abbott's abs, it's clear that she works hard and knows how to incinerate belly fat. But life isn't just about losing weight. It's also about creating a balance, which Christmas talks about in her new book The Badass Life: 30 Amazing Days to a Lifetime of Great Habits — Body, Mind, and Spirit.

"Wellness isn't just about being physically fit, but emotionally happy and mentally strong too. Practicing good habits of your physical, mental, and emotional state to change your lifestyle for a more health-conscious one is practicing 360 wellness," Christmas told POPSUGAR in an email.


One important way to create happiness is to get in the habit of eating a balanced meal and to not eat too much of one thing or be too restrictive.

"For myself, I want to always have a protein, good carbohydrate, and a little bit of fat. Yes, carbs and fat! The balance of the three macronutrients release hormones that work best when eaten together," Christmas said. "Our bodies need all three [macronutrients] and when eaten together you get a ton of benefits! You feel full and happy, and even with smaller meals or snacks, you will be more energized and able to focus better. Food is a drug, and the balancing of the macros for each meal is the best combination you can create."


Here's an example of what Christmas eats in a day to create balance on her plate, which translates to feeling happy and satisfied in her life:

Breakfast: "Two to three eggs which are my proteins (P), apple which is my carbohydrate (C), and peanut butter which is my good fat (F)."

Lunch: "Ground turkey (P), sweet potato mash (C), and sour cream (F), topped with some hot sauce for an extra kick."


Dinner: "Grilled chicken or fish (P), cauliflower rice and grilled veggies (C), and guacamole (F)."

Christmas eats this way Monday through Friday — and even on days she's doing high-impact workouts like CrossFit — to "keep things on track and very regimented." On the weekends, she allows herself to have a little treat, which helps to keep cravings in check.