One Couple Proves Getting Drunk And Going To Target Is The Ultimate Date Night

Photo: Shareably

Everyone deserves a good date night. 

While most couples set the bar at a fancy dinner over candlelight with an expensive bottle of wine and romantic music sans any children, Tony and Alyssa Serafini just raised it. 

Tony and Alyssa not only have children of their own, but they're both also teachers. So they're kind of around kids all the freaking time. 

But thankfully, we're in the midst of summer break and these two lovebirds are stoked to have some time off. Like, really stoked. 

In order to celebrate, they made reservations at a restaurant they had a gift card for (and if they're anything like my parents, they've had it for three years) for dinner and drinks and hired an overnight babysitter, because you know, shit is about to get real. 

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They hired an overnight babysitter and made reservations at a restaurant for dinner and drinks.

Tom told Scary Mommy they ordered one of the restaurant's fanciest drinks, and well, Alyssa got a little turnt. 


You know how you get when you're drunk and all you want is Taco Bell and nothing in the world matters more than getting Taco Bell? Well, we're assuming that's how drunk Alyssa felt about back-to-school shopping, which honestly, is kind of sweet. 

I love the idea of one of my teachers getting drunk and stoked about buying pencils and notebooks. How cute is that?!

So Alyssa wore Tom, and they went to Target. 


“We ended up at Target, and walked around shopping and taking pictures, like teenagers,” he said. 

Tony, being quite possibly the best husband on the planet, let his drunk wife fill up the Target cart with whatever she wanted. Which prompted millions of other wives and girlfriends to ask their significant others why they don't do the same.

They even played hide and go seek! 


Like any good husband, Tony documented their evening on Twitter. Understandably, it went viral almost immediately. Espically because Alyssa had a fun night out and got to come home with a bunch of Target goodies. 

Tony did feel the need to say something. 

So next time you're struggling to decide how to spend your next date night with you S.O., cut out all the fanciness and the gimmicks and just get drunk and go to Target.