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These 4 Zodiac Signs Don't Take Life Too Seriously — Even When They Should

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zodiac signs don't take life too seriously

We all know someone who literally just doesn’t care about anything. We totally get it: life is short and should be lived carefree while we have the time.

You want to eat that ice cream after dinner or stay up late driving through town with your friends? Go for it, honey. Life is way too short to be spent being cautious about everything.

With all our responsibilities and tight schedules, sometimes we all need to let loose and be carefree for just a second. It’ll help keep us sane in the long run.

But there’s definitely a difference between indulging in carefree fun every once in a while and having the type of personality that is simply careless.

Life doesn’t need to be spent in a straightjacket, but it’s definitely important to stay on top of your responsibilities and pay attention to all those scary adult things like bills, chores, and work.

If you look to astrology and to someone's horoscope, you'll see that there are some zodiac signs that just don’t take life seriously at all — even when they probably should.

These signs do things like stay out late on weekdays even when they have work the next day, or go all out with their money right before their rent is due for the month. They just want to have a little fun, which is totally understandable, but when things get tough and the luck starts to run out, or worse, when you've got someone else depending on you like family or close friends, these zodiac signs have a really hard time finding a way to stay put and take things seriously.

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To make a solid decision.

Sometimes, they need someone to help them out a little when it comes to being responsible and staying on top of things.

Astrology can show us a lot when it comes to observing people’s character traits, so we can see that there are a select few carefree zodiac signs that really do live life on the edge, but have trouble paying attention to their everyday responsibilities.

Find out which 4 zodiac signs don’t take life very seriously (even when they probably should) below.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

gemini zodiac signs don't take life too seriously

Gemini loves to be carefree and live life like everything is one wild adventure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but sometimes in her quest for adventure, she ignores her other responsibilities.

She just wants to have fun and not take things too seriously. After all, life is short! This just becomes a problem when she is forgetful of her other priorities.

Like, she’ll sometimes forget when her bills are due (and then has to deal with those pesky late fees). Or she’ll make so many different plans that she can’t keep to her word and instead has to flake on people (which will affect her friendships).

She needs to remember to balance her fun with her responsibilities.  

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leo zodiac signs don't take life too seriously

Leo likes being spontaneous and untroubled. She lives life boldly and unapologetically. She always needs things to go her way, and she simply lives like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

Although she has so much fun not taking life too seriously, she tends to be pretty irresponsible when it comes to getting things done.

Sometimes, she doesn’t really have her priorities straight, and she can definitely benefit from paying a little more attention to her responsibilities. 

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

sagittarius zodiac signs don't take life too seriously

Sagittarius is a true wild child who NEVER takes life too seriously. She lives every day like it’s her last, and she simply is too impatient to pay attention to the practical details of life.

She’s brash, flighty, and forgetful. She loves to constantly joke around and have fun. Almost everyone is jealous of the amount of fun she has in her life, but most people don’t realize how completely irresponsible she can be.

She sometimes forgets to pay the bills because she’s out of town. And she simply doesn’t know how to hold down her responsibilities. 

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

pisces zodiac signs don't take life too seriously

Pisces is very idealistic and emotional. She doesn’t take the practical matters of life too seriously. All she really cares about is her friends, family, and her relationships.

This is not a bad thing at all – in fact, it’s great! But she often ignores the scary, adult parts of life that have to do with work or responsibilities.

She’ll often go months without cleaning her home, and she is not always responsible when it comes to getting the job done right. Pisces has her priorities (and that’s fine!) but she also needs to learn how to balance them with those practical, adult duties of life.

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